Fatties Have Better Teeth!

Again from Kate Harding at Shapely Prose she links to this NYT article discussing how us Fatties have BAFFLED dentists in a study which determined how overweight children have better teeth than normal weight children! I think it’s funny that the article acts so surprised. Because, you know, fat kids must be eating sweets constantly to get that way. Nothing else could POSSIBLY cause them to gain weight.

One theory is that overweight children may actually be eating fewer cavity-causing sweets than normal weight kids and instead overeating fatty foods.

I think the “overeating fatty foods” is a bit more on track than the binging on candies. Mostly because it’s hard for most kids, well, most Americans really, to keep away from fatty food in our society. You got your classic kids brown-bag school lunch: sandwich, juice, fruit, chips, maybe a pudding or some fruit snacks. That was what everyone brought to school when I was a kid, at least. Let’s see now, how much of that has high-fructose corn syrup and/or saturated fats? Ding ding ding ding ding! That’d be everything except maybe the sandwich and the fruit (although if it were a fruit cup…that’s another matter). If your fat kid buys the school lunch or buys from a snack bar, add in the lowest grade meat, and all the food dripping in sauces, and you got one heck of a gross meal. Then they’re eating breakfast cereals (because you have to have your sugary cereals with the toys in the bottom of the box), and afternoon snacks, and by the end of the day the kid has had tons of stuff that’s bad for him/her.

This is just the nature of our consumerist society. No matter how much education we have on good foods vs. bad foods, kids want the fad foods. I know I did. As did every other kid I ate lunch with. I mean…think about it! Fruit by the Foot? Fruit Roll Ups? Pudding Packs? String cheese, and all the other delicious and cutely packaged foods? They were all the rage.

And let’s not call it overeating, necessarily. I mean, I’m sure some kids are overeating, don’t get me wrong. I know I did. But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. And why don’t we make some changes in the food industry. Let’s get the fatty food commercials off our kid’s TV (just like taking down the cigarette commercials) and start buying them good food because it’s good for them.

That sounds like a cavity stopper to me.


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