Talking Back Around all those Big Macs in my Pie Hole

My mom keeps me updated, it seems, as she sent me this HuffPost article by John Ridley talking about how “weightism” doesn’t exist.

Ummm….just because you don’t like fat people doesn’t mean we deserve to be discriminated against, buddy. All your arguments are either unsupported by fact, or extremely presumptuous and pretentious.

Sorry, but it’s a little…no, actually it’s a whole lot insulting to equate girth with race, gender, age or sexual orientation; aspects of ourselves with which we were born and over which…we have no control.

I can’t change my race or my gender. Despite my best efforts and millions of dollars spent trying to locate the fountain of youth, I just keep getting older. Yet, same as millions of Americans I can moderate the number of Big Macs I shove in my pie-hole.

But in the Everybody-Give-Me-A-Hug victim culture in which we live, the obese want a spot at the table along with those who face discrimination based on the way that God or Nature or our Intelligent Designer created us.

Yes, because you know me. I’m sitting here, my currently vegetarian self, shoving all those Big Macs into my pie-hole, getting fatter and fatter and “making you pay for it.” You wanna know what I think? I think that our “Give-Me-A-Hug victim culture” is teaching you to see any outcry against the violation of rights as someone calling wolf. You are trying to delegitimize our struggle, saying it’s not real, no one should consider it discrimination. Well frankly I think you just proved that’s exactly what it is with your stereotypical comments about how I’m shoving my pie hole full of Big Macs. If that’s not obvious discrimination based on my size, I don’t know what is.

So why don’t you shove your pie hole full of Big Macs and shut the hell up.


One thought on “Talking Back Around all those Big Macs in my Pie Hole

  1. This entry struck a chord with me. I always feel like people are forming impressions about me based on my physical appearance. To look at me, I don’t think that anyone would assume that I’m an extremely nutritionally conscious vegan who gets exercise every day.

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