Mr. Spock goes Big

My Mom and I were discussing my FA!love yesterday (in general terms) and she told me about Leonard Nimoy’s Full Body photography project. Apparently, she had read this article about Mr. Nimoy’s project in which he photographed plus size women completely naked. I know the article is from 2007, but it has brought me a great deal of satisfaction. I applaud the project, and wish I were comfortable enough with my body to be able to pose naked for the camera.

Few problems I had with the article. The owner of the gallery where the photos were exhibited, Richard Michelson, commented in the article:

“We do overhear some reductive ‘Is Nimoy into fat chicks’ comments when the gallery room is first entered,” he continued, “but in fact the fun nature of the work and the quality seem to shut people up by the time they leave. I’ve had a few crank e-mails with snide remarks, but not a one from gallery visitors.”

I guess I don’t really understand why the question “is Nimoy into fat chicks” is such a bad thing. I mean, I understand that having a viewer not be able to separate the subject of the art from the photographer is bad, but what’s wrong with being into fat chicks? Nada.

Similarly, this line threw me off a little:

“I do think they’re beautiful,” he said. “They’re full-bodied, full-blooded human beings.”

He doesn’t necessarily find them sexually attractive. “But I do think they’re beautiful.”

It’s the “he doesn’t necessarily find them sexually attractive” bit. I can’t really describe why it throws me off. I think it’s because I think sexual attraction shouldn’t have even been brought into the article. It’s almost like saying “naked women must be perceived by their sexual attractiveness.” I think we should look a nude art as art; it’s beautiful. We shouldn’t look at nude art and automatically think about the sexual significance. Woman as the sexual being is not as important to me in this sense. I want to talk about woman of all sizes as beautiful. I think the line undermined the power of Nimoy describing fat women as beautiful. And it’s the line the article ended on. It left me with a bit of a bittersweet taste.

Other than that, Nimoy’s my man right now. I reallllly want to email him for my Senior Individualized Project (SIP) Documentary. I’ve already emailed the gallery to see if I can get a contact for him. Who’s excited?


One thought on “Mr. Spock goes Big

  1. Here’s what confuses me… why is it that when a person is attracted to fuller-figured women, this is considered a “fetish,” while people who are attracted to incredibly emaciated models, etc. are simply considered to be following the “normal” laws of attraction?

    I think that’s what Nimoy’s denial is about… the fear of fetishism; of being different. Which certainly seems ironic when one notes the theme of his photography project.

    But I do agree that the project should be about beauty, and sex and sexual attraction need not enter the conversation.

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