What would you do…

Question for anyone out there…

What would you do if a random stranger who was fat came up to you and asked, “Am I fat?”

I’m curious. I have to do a personal essay documentary for my Advanced Documentary Film class, and with the help of my best friend (Jamie) I decided to do part of it with people on the streets, asking them a few questions to warm them up, and then asking if they think I’m fat.

I just want to see their reactions. The film, in the end, will be about the power I gave the word “fat” in my life, and how we need to change its meaning.

What would you do?


7 thoughts on “What would you do…

  1. If a random stranger came up to and asked if I thought they were fat, I would respond, “Do you think it’s bad to be fat?”

    If they said, “Yes,” I would ask, “Why?”

    If they said, “No,” I would then respond honestly, according to their size and my personal perception of when “fat” occurs. I’d probably also mention that what I perceive as fat may not be what the person standing next to me perceives as fat – it’s subjective.

    If they responded to, “Why?” with, “Because it’s not healthy!” then, well… Please see Fatosphere for all the refutations. I’ll not repeat them here.

  2. Honestly, I would just say “No.”

    The word “fat” is so loaded with meaning for many people, and I would never want to hurt a stranger’s feelings, especially if I did not know their motivations for asking me.

    And honestly, “fat” is so subjective, and my standard for “fat” is probably a bit different than most people’s, and so, except in extreme cases, I really wouldn’t be telling a “white lie”.

  3. I think I’d first try to clarify what they mean by “fat” and my answer would then reflect the comparison between criteria given by the person asking and reality.

    Besides that, “fat” is not a dirty word and “fatness” is nothing to be ashamed of, so I have no qualms about using either…

  4. After the latest Ask Aunt Fattie at Shapely Prose, I want to change my answer.

    If someone came up to me and asked, “Am I fat?” I would reply one of two interchangeable questions:

    (1) “I don’t know. Are you Kate Harding?”

    (2) “I don’t know. Do you like baby-flavored donuts?”

    Teehee! Vive la révolution!

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