Fat Stats

Today was a day full of lots of Fat stuff for me. To start, I went downtown with Lisa earlier today to do the street interviews for my personal essay. Audio issues aside, it was verrrrry interesting. But more will come on that tomorrow. I also had “Group” today, for the first time since last year. By “Group” I mean the overweight women group I attend at the Counseling Center every week. We all get around and gab about fat issues and life as an overweight woman. It was great. I also had poetry, with my big FAT collection, as I’ve taken to calling it. So there it is, as well. Those poems will be up after I’m satisfied with them…

Today was also extremely busy, but I have an article I want to talk about.

I found this article this morning, and found it deeply disturbing. Though the author is making the point I think needs to be made, the statistics in the article make me deeeeply sad.

A group of women who had previously been obese and lost weight were asked if they would prefer to be obese again or to go blind. Alarmingly, 89 percent stated they would rather be blind than gain back the weight they had lost, and 91 percent of this group said they would rather lose a limb than be heavy again.

Does that make anyone else extremely angry? Go without one of your senses? Or gain some weight? Alarmingly, people would rather live without ever seeing their child walk, the sunset, their brother’s wedding, etc. than be fat. I think we need a little bit of perspective here. Sadly, all the thincentricity is making people BLIND in a completely different way.

Next, lets talk about fat employees, who are paid “12 percent less” than thin employees.

Employers and co-workers described obese employees as “lazy, less competent, less productive and emotionally unstable.” Physicians and nurses said that obese patients were “dishonest, noncompliant, lazy and lacking self-control.”

To this, my friend Jamie commented to me after I sent her the story, “You know what’s really scary? How much the things people said about their ‘obese’ coworkers sounded EXACTLY like things people said (and, frighteningly still do say) about black people until it was made illegal.” Sound scary familiar? And too true to bear? Look at this:

Mental health professionals were given two nearly identical patient profiles except one of the two patients was labeled obese. These providers diagnosed the obese client with more psychological problems and predicted a poor outcome with treatment.

And this:

Children ages 3-11 were shown photos of a child with a facial disfigurement, a child in a wheelchair, a child with an amputated limb and an overweight child. They ranked the overweight child as the least desirable playmate.

How deep-rooted is this evil? I firstly can’t even believe they conducted that experiment, but since its done and overwhelmingly anti-fat, can’t we see that we are brainwashing our kids! As young as age THREE they are picking on the fat child. How utterly depressing. I can see the ghost of eating-disorders-to-come.

All in all, its the same old weightism making the same point. It makes me want to cry. Utterly and completely breakdown and yell at the world.

But, my dears, that is what this blog is for. Lets all yell our anger to the hilltops on three. One…two…threee!


2 thoughts on “Fat Stats

  1. I wish that men could go to “Group,” too. I used to talk about wanting to go, always saying it in a jocular sort of way… but secretly… I actually wanted to go.

    Oh, I remembered another thing, too! I used to call it “Fat Group” or “Fat Club” or something, but not derisively. I just called it that because that’s what it seemed to be. Later I felt guilty about it, though… should I really have felt bad, however?

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