Coming Soon

I know there aren’t a lot of you who read regularly, but I wanted to say to all of you SORRY for disappearing. Even Jamie B., my new cowriter, sent me a message yesterday saying “You disappeared!” I’m so sorry. I’ve been extremely busy.

Firstly, I FINISHED my DOCUMENTARY on my fat. A long and painful process, that produced a final product that I can’t say I’ll ever be happy with, but only because it’s so personal. I should be posting it soon (at the earliest tomorrow).

Secondly, I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting my poetry done for my poetry collection, but it’s all coming together. I think I’m starting to get at it a bit more, and that’s what I wanted to do. So maybe some of that will be posted, too.

Thirdly, as stated before, Jamie B. has joined Jiggly Bits as a contributor! She and I are real life friends, and both in a very similar place in the exploration of ourselves and our view of the world. WELCOME Jamie!

Finally, to tide anyone out there over, I want to send you to some other blogs that are posting good things. Firstly, there’s Big Fat Deal which posted a beautiful video today of a woman accepting herself as an average sized woman. I applaud her for her efforts! You can find her video at BFD or here.

Also, in wake of Jamie B.’s post from yesterday, here’s another blog discussing HAES (Health at Every Size). It gets at the “Couch Potato Problem” in America.

Might have more than just the documentary post tomorrow. I plan on catching up on some of my backlog of articles to read, and also will find out if I got the Senior Resident Assistant position at my university for next year! Maybe some good news?


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