I look really silly…

…but I’m totally jumping up and down, pointing at my computer monitor and going, “Yes! What she said! Yes!”

Chrissy linked to The F-Word in her last post. I read it and I’m totally feeling it.

I don’t deny that there exists a correlation between physical activity and body weight, but other than a fleeting reference, nowhere does the article address the health implications for sedentary, thin people. Such people seem to get a free pass to be inactive, while fat people are simply assumed to be inactive.

This, right here, is it, folks. I am very much a skinny person. I’m about 5′ 9″ and I weigh, on average, 125lbs. I am skinny. But I’m also fucking sedentary as hell. The flight and a half of stairs from the door into my residence hall up to the floor I live on raises my heartrate. Other than walking to and from class, I pretty much don’t exercise. And I get a free pass for it. No one (boyfriends aside, but they get a much deeper view into my life than most people) has ever suggested that we go work out together, with the obvious intent of trying to make me be healthier. Even when I make it perfectly clear that I really detest sports, no one mentions their health benefits. They try to sell me on how “fun” they are (sorry, they’re not fun for me. That’s why I don’t play them).

Sometimes I get annoyed that I don’t exercise, because with my family’s health history, I worry about blood clots in my legs from spending so much time sitting in front of my computer. But I still end up just not doing it. I’m lazy. And I feel confident in assuming that no one has ever called me that behind my back.

Something a physically active, healthy fat person cannot feel. Grr.


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