FAT Documentary!!!

After a lot of trouble when it came to uploading my personal essay documentary to YouTube, here it finally is!! ENJOY! And please leave me all sorts of good comments telling me what you think!


10 thoughts on “FAT Documentary!!!

  1. Well, you achieved one thing: for at least me, you are not “the fat girl”, you are “the talented girl who did that great video”. Change the world one person at a time. 😉
    Well done, Chrissy.

  2. Very well done and touching. Specially the Ecuador part. As someone who lives in a socioeconomically drastic city in Mexico, I always wonder why people care about insignificant things when there is poverty and struggle. You are really fantastic, fat or not, and beautiful too.

  3. You’re fat? Really? I thought you were normal sized, girl!
    I’ve read bits and pieces of your blog over the past few days and just now found your video.
    I have to say, from your writings, I thought you would be a BBW – you look like a normal healthy young woman.
    Don’t let society make you believe otherwise.
    ((( hugs )))

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