Fat Documentary, Poetry, and Other (Unfat) Things

As you all can see, the FAT Documentary and my Fat Poetry Project have been moved into their own pages. For anyone just joining Jiggly Bits, let me explain these projects.

The Fat Documentary was a personal essay film done as a project for my Advanced Documentary Film Production course. I am a student filmmaker (oh gosh, you have no idea how much I love it), and that project was probably one of my best (and favorites). The assignment was to do a personal essay, a film about a topic personal to each filmmaker that would challenge us both in the strictly personal aspects involved, and in the creation of the film, which was supposed to be more experimental. I chose to do mine on my fat, and that was the final product.

It was an extremely hard film for me to make. Emotionally, it pushed me to my limits. My fat has been the only thing I’ve had to struggle against, and it has been something that, until very recently when I found the FA movement, was my emotional crux. It was the only thing that I couldn’t talk about, that would make me angry, that I would cry about. It was the root of all evil to me. This film was therapy. It challenged me to actually think and talk about how I felt before, and how I got to where I am today. I hope everyone that watches it enjoys it.

The Poetry Project is another class project, this time for my Advanced Poetry Workshop. I am trying to write about, again, the issue that is toughest for me. There’s still a lot there, underneath everything, that I struggle with. My days are still riddled with doubts, and sometimes depression caused by my struggle with my weight throughout my entire life. This poetry is coming from that place.

The project itself is to write a collection, all centered upon the same theme. It’s a challenge that requires the writer to stick with a topic even when it’s hard, and to really consider it and squeeze it dry. I have mostly only posted the more positive poems, and the poems that I think I’ve actually finished right now. I’ve written twelve(ish) poems, and most of them need serious work. The course continues for another few weeks, so there’s more to come!

Finally, let me get to the other Unfat things. I would like to recommend to everyone some videos on YouTube for general video-watching fun. My brother showed me PowerThirst 1 and 2, which are just plain funny. My mom also got me watching Planet Earth videos, which I have found to be extremely positive and pleasant, lifting me up when I need it.

Also, I’d like to apologize. I’m so sorry we’ve had so much time between postings. Jamie has been traveling about in the past week, and I have been all over the place in my scattered crazy life. I promise, in three weeks the blog will be MUCH more interesting! (I’ll be done with school, then!)


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