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I, like nearly every other woman on the planet, have been uber excited for the new Sex and the City movie. Last night, at 10:15PM, me and my three girlfriends arrived at the movie theater, pre-purchased tickets in hand, ready to wait in whatever line we had to in order to get the best seats in the theater for the premiere. We were extraordinarily early, and because of that, were the first women in line. Talk about uber-exciting.

There has been a lot of hype surrounding this movie. It was the movie all women would flock to, in their flocks of four or more, to see. I’ve heard a number of snide comments about it, including one particularly offensive radio announcement on my local radio station that was “3 Ways to Convince Your Man Take You to See Sex and the City.” Number One was:

Underneath all the shoes, fashion and girly yak yak, these women are SLUTS. So you’ll know there will be some boobies on display!

Sounds particularly immature with the use of “boobies.” And suffice it to say that I turned off the radio about a second later after shouting a loud curse word in my car in disbelief. Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t use that excuse to convince my man to come with me. First of all, I wouldn’t want to see it with current nonexistent boyfriend even if he did exist. My girlfriends are way more fun. Secondly, I would hope that my boyfriend would be as offended as I am with the thought that he would go see a movie to see tons of “sluts” and “boobies.” Erg. The media stabs through the heart of my hope for the men of my generation.

Now I realize I haven’t said anything about the movie yet. For me, this movie wasn’t about the movie itself, but more-so about the experience of seeing it. High heels and wacky fashions showed up for the premiere. Almost everyone I saw had on something beautiful. In the twoish hours we waited for the movie to start, sitting in the theater and watching everyone come in, I saw more beautiful women flock forward in big packs than I think I’ve ever seen in my life. At one point, the only other plus size woman in my group turned to me and said “Would you agree that there are a lot of really beautiful and confident plus size women here tonight?” And I just nodded. Beyond the clothes, beyond the shoes, these women were happy, and confident. Maybe it’s the way they are, or maybe it has to do with the society this movie has inspired. It was for women, to be watched with women. It was made for the night on the town with the girls. And that was FUN.

I’d say there were only a dozen or so men present in our auditorium. I cannot confirm whether they were “boyfriends or boyfriends” as my girlfriends put it. But it was nice to see them. Best of all, the whole experience felt like I was in a safe place, with like-minded people, there to share in an experience. I know that sounds like B.S., but that’s how it felt.

The movie was good, and interesting, sometimes disappointing. I laughed, cried, felt embarrassed, happy, angry. It was a full experience. It only had one semi-offensive comment about weight (against Samantha, of all people), which caused me and my friends to burst into laughter. We laughed even harder when a second later Carrie said something like “I mean, you’re beautiful at whatever size, but what happened?!” (We later said: “Yeah, whatever size whether it’s a 2 or a 4, right?”) I was happy to see the grace and beauty of the women onscreen, showing that beauty and age can go together. They were gorgeous in their 40s, which made me happy, despite all the cracks made by other characters about how “old” the women were. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda all looked fantastic to me!  And of course the stunning Jennifer Hudson had one of my favorite roles. I love her so much.

But above all else, the movie was good purely because we were all seeing it together. After weeks or months of waiting, there we were, all excited, all happy, all with friends, sharing this experience. That is what made this movie good.

I know that’s not the review anyone was looking for but for me, that’s what is important. If you haven’t seen it yet, go with your girls, or your guy (especially if he’s similarly offended by the “sluts” comment above). And just have fun. That’s what it’s for.


7 thoughts on “Sex and the City

  1. I wish I had a group of girlfriends to see this movie with! Unfortunately, almost none of the women I know in town (who aren’t just too crazybusy with kids, etc. to attend a movie with girlfriends in general) would be interested (and the only one I know who might be is too ill to attend). And I doubt I could convince C. to go, either, since he never watched the series and probably wouldn’t know what was going on. It sounds great, putting on fabulous clothes and giggling together. Sigh.

  2. I can’t wait, I’m going with some friends tomorrow afternoon. I don’t know why someone would WANT to bring a man to this movie! That wouldn’t be nearly as fun, they definitely cannot appreciate the subtleties in the film 😉

    I think all of the hype that you’re talking about comes from an undercurrent of fear/jealousy among men (particularly men in the media, who have the outlets to say things like what you heard). It’s not actually that Carrie et al. are sluts (not that they are, but that’s another discussion) it’s that they’re confident, single, successful women, living life on their own terms. That makes a lot of men nervous, whether they admit it or not. The only comeback they can muster is, “Well, they’re SLUTS!”. No, they’re just women who control their sexuality and don’t let the traditional roles and double standards get in the way of their happiness. No, they don’t represent most real women, but they represent a sort of freedom to be yourself that all women – all PEOPLE – should strive for. And their friendships DO represent real female friendships, which is why so many women can relate.

    And Meowser, I think you should go to the movie anyway! It sounds really silly, but going to the movies by yourself can be a really empowering experience. I’ve done it several times, and it’s really not bad. This movie especially, I think you will feel that you are in a shared experience environment. Other people might be there in groups of girlfriends, but you’re ALL there to reunite with the SATC gang! 🙂

  3. Wandered in from Fatosphere.
    I was chatting with the man I’m seeing about something that happened in an episode of the TV show, because I’ve been Netflixing them for leisure. He said, “Speaking of, are you going to make me go see the movie with you when it opens?” MAKE him, mind you. I told him no, I enjoy the series but I’d planned on waiting for the DVD, since I’ve had my fill lately.
    His face fell and he said “Oh… cause I was kind of interested in seeing it.”
    So your radio station can stuff it… and I’m glad you had a splendid time!

  4. I was soooo disappointed with the movie – and you need to understand where I was coming from…I can probably recite word for word numerous episodes in their entirety – I have watched and rewatched all of the seasons multiple times, so to say I was psyched about seeing the film is an understatement….but what was with the michrophones throughout the majority of the movie???

    I have seen junior high film productions that were more professional than this movie! I was appalled and totally distracted by the boom mikes bobbing along the top of each scene.

    The movie itself struggled to capture both the humor and humility of the TV series, everyone tried just a little too hard – the script writers, the directors and, dare I say it, even the actors, although I thought Kim Catrall was as good as ever, and Kristen Davis put in a suprisingly good comedic performance.

    Please, please get the camera work fixed before this is released on DVD, because I might be more inclined to enjoy the essence of the movie without the “bobbing” mikes! I am after all SATC’s #1 fan!

    Had planned on going two or three times over this opening weekend to see “my” movie – now what am I going to do with myself??

  5. Re: the boom mikes

    That had do to with the framing the projectionist did at your local theatre. Most movies have those things floating along the top of the frame, but the projectionist is usually cropping them out when they project it onto the screen.

  6. I doubt it was the projectionist’s fault as I saw the film at two different cinemas over the weekend and the same problem occurred twice.

  7. There were some things I blogged about in my disappointment in the movie and I completely forgot about the weight issue. I thought that was in poor taste personally. FCS, Samantha is 50 years old and yet still expected to be 4 sizes below the national average? I never liked particularly liked the way the dealt with weight issues in the show (and now) the movie.

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