What We Do; for each other, for ourselves

After reading the overwhelming response on my last post about my biggest fear, I feel the need to respond with a large hug to everyone out there in the Fatosphere. I’ve never, in my life, gotten such a positive reaction, such helpful, concerned responses, such beautiful compliments, and kind words. I was feeling very vulnerable when I posted that last night. I’ve read similar posts elsewhere, but I’ve never been able to admit that to anyone.

For me FA and this blog have had an extremely positive impact on my life. I went from hating my body, hating myself, to accepting my body, and loving myself. Yes, I still have those moments of fear, but with my maturation, with the wisdom of the wiser women who commented on my last post, and with the support of this community, I will more forward. I will find my place, and I will hold tight to it. This is what we do, for each other, for ourselves: we support, we lend arms and ears and shoulders, and we share wisdom. We are fighting hate by spreading love, whether that’s self hate in exchange for self love, or worldwide hate exchanged for worldwide love. And I am proud to call myself part of a movement of such positive, optimistic individuals.

Thank you to everyone who has been here and supported me. This is what we do. And I’m glad I found you all. To the wise, to the fat, to the self-hating, to the optimistic, to the men, to the women, to our morement, thank you.


4 thoughts on “What We Do; for each other, for ourselves

  1. I just wanted to throw this out there; you are one of the most intelligent and insightful young people I’ve ever known. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that you’re younger than me (I’m 22, almost 23).

  2. Hey y’all…wisdom comes to us throughout our journey…..and if we’re truly wise…..we never stop learning!



  3. I think I’ve found more support online in the past year than I have ever encountered in real life, for which I am eternally grateful. But I’ve also learned that while support of any kind is good, I shouldn’t rely on internet support as my main pillar. The trick is to take the support and empowerment you gain online, and parlay that in your real world life. Best of luck to you.

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