Quick Hits: Weight and Weddings

I was on the way over here to post when I stopped by the F-Word and read Rachel’s post on postponing weddings due to desired weight loss. What do you all think?

I really came to post a bit of fluff, which I found on YouTube today. I wanted to distract myself, and decided to YouTube. After watching the “Target Women” on Yogurt that made its rounds a few weeks ago, I searched to see if there were more: THIS is what I found! Enjoy!

The Belly Dancing Documentary is done! And my poetry collection is almost done, too! Huzzah! Expect posting after Thursday (still have to write a paper for then!).


5 thoughts on “Quick Hits: Weight and Weddings

  1. This is a topic very close to my heart (as it is, what, T-minus eleven days from “the big day”?) and one that I have thought a lot about in the past few months.

    I feel that the pressure to “lose weight quick” is aimed increasingly at brides-to-be. And it seems that pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards is magnified for the “most important day of your life.” It seems that the targeted diets and such promote even more unhealthy weight loss solutions than the average run-of-the-mill propaganda. Just look at the heinous “Bulging Brides” (which I refuse to watch.) Women who buy dresses too small are put through “bridal bootcamp” in order to “lose the chub.” It makes me sick. And I’ve heard horror stories of brides forcing their bridesmaids to conform to these standards as well: purposely buying too-small dresses to try to get them to lose weight, or making them promise not to gain a pound and ruin “the look.” Absolutely insane.

    What have I been doing to prep for “the big day?” I bought a dress that fit; and I continue to live life as I did before. I certainly would rather look happy at my wedding than thin, or even beautiful. I can be beautiful any day; but I truly aspire to be happy on my wedding day. “The wedding” is just one day, and as one of the commenters on the link says, “the marriage is a life.”

  2. Don’t even get me started on the push to lose weight for your wedding. I’m in the middle of planning my own and half of all ads seems to be targeted for that.

    I’d actually found a really entertaining take on wedding shows and that included the stupid Bulging Brides video.


    I refused to be one of those women who buy a dress 2 sizes too big and freak out about dieting down to fit into it. Even if my dress didn’t fit right I would have just had it taken out than trying my damndest to lose 10 lbs in a month.

    Plus I say I have a lot more fun going on slow walks with my fiance than taking long runs on my own just to fit to some ideal.

  3. I just posted this over at Rachel’s place, but I figured what the heck? I’ll put it here, too, in case you don’t see it.

    I never even had the chance to contemplate dieting. We decided on one Saturday to get married ASAP, which meant the next Saturday. I had exactly a week to plan everything. For us, it was all about the marriage, not the wedding (not to mention we were trying to figure out a way to keep him in the country legally, because neither of us could bear to be separated from each other). We just wanted to get married, so there were no receptions to plan, no photographers to book, that sort of thing. I had planned on going shopping the day before, since I got paid that day anyway, and getting myself a nice dress. Turned out I didn’t have to. A co-worker heard that I was getting married, and brought me a beautiful pink & lace dress that her sister had given her. It fit me PERFECTLY. So she let me have it.

    (And me, hubby, and my 2 oldest [who, at the time, were the only] children ended up matching. I wore pink, he wore blue, Number One Daughter wore blue, and The Little Helper wore pink. It wasn’t on purpose, I swear! I just put the girls in their Easter dresses from earlier that year, and didn’t realize we matched until we were heading out the door!)

    If we’d had a drawn-out, actually PLANNED wedding, though? Yeah, I probably would have dieted. I was so into my self-loathing dieting phase at the time, I just KNOW I would have tried to diet it. But postpone the wedding just because I hadn’t lost X amount of pounds? Nah, I don’t think I would have ever done that. I’m sure I would have been beating up on myself for not “achieving my goal”, but I don’t think I’d postpone the wedding.

    In that way, I’m glad we did it the way we did. I would have loved to have had the whole shebang, but I know we ended up saving ourselves a lot of frustration and stress doing it the way we did.

  4. I want to look good on my wedding day, but I also want to be happy; happy with my future husband and happy with myself. I know I won’t be happy with myself if I’m on a diet, especially because I’ve never been on a full-flegded diet before and I would probably become a neurotic mess (one of the many reasons I refuse to diet).

    Your wedding is a big, important day (for you and your spouse), be happy, be comfortable, and wear a dress that fits! It’s not worth the pain and suffering of beating your body into submission.

    Oh, and Rachel @ the F-Word is made of win and awesome. And looks absolutely gorgeous in her wedding pic.

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