Non-Fat Post: Harry Potter Edition

I don’t think I’ve yet outed myself on my blog as a enormous Harry Potter fan, but “Hello, my name is Chrissy, and I’m a Potterhead.” I am one of those kids who made HP what it is today–part of the originals, mind you. I was 10 when I read the first book, and I grew up with Harry and the gang. My love of HP and Ronnie the Bear (don’t understand the reference? See this.) has only slightly dwindled since the release of the Seventh Book. I am no longer regularly reading Harry Potter fanfiction ( I was an avid SS/HG Shipper, if anyone cares…oh the sadness!). I am no longer rereading HP 1-6. I am no longer craking HP-related jokes a puns all the time. But I love a good dose of HP when I can get it.

In honor of officially finishing my exams for this quarter (and thus, my junior year of undergrad), I am going to bask in the squee of Harry Potter for a post. Please indulge in the non-fat with me. I’m excited about the fluff.

This week, I had a couple of Harry Potter jump-up-and-down-fangirl moments. First of all, Jo Rowling spoke at Harvard’s Commencement. Which made me vehemently wish that I had ‘to Harvard. And started a year earlier. As turns out, I’m not at Harvard, and so instead we relegated to read the speech after the fact online. I am a super-fan of JKR, and her words hit home for me. This was right after I had posted My Biggest Fear, and JKR’s themes went right along with it: the benefits of failure, and the importance of the imagination. She made me squee. I don’t want to get into all the gobbly-gook of the speech, since you should really just read it all, but it was fantastic. I can only hope the speaker at my commencement will be as delightful.

My second squee moment was the other day when JKR auctioned off a “prequel” of Potter for charity. She wrote briefly about the studsy James Potter and Sirius Black. Oh joy! It was so short, but felt like Harry Potter, and I was happy for the short time it took to read it! I miss my Harry Potter fixes! I didn’t bring any of the books with me to school this quarter…

Anyway, I just wanted to post some fluff for fun, and bask in the joy of Harry Potter, the love of my life. Do any of you read HP? How has it affected you?


12 thoughts on “Non-Fat Post: Harry Potter Edition

  1. Hello, my name is Michelle and I’m a Potterhead too. HP books are my escapist books. When I just can’t deal with what life is throwing at me, I totally use HP books to take me away from it all. I’m currently re-reading book 7 after wending my way through all of the books earlier this year. Then I decided that I really needed to read 7 again because, as the most recent book, it is the one I’ve read the least.

  2. I’m going to turn the non-fat post into a fat-post now. I was really sad to see her start her speech with this:

    “The first thing I would like to say is ‘thank you.’ Not only has Harvard given me an extraordinary honour, but the weeks of fear and nausea I’ve experienced at the thought of giving this commencement address have made me lose weight. A win-win situation!”

    Yeah, it’s a win-win all around.

    I was especially disappointed because Rowling has come out and spoken about her own worries about her daughters’ body image. (

    But apparently, it’s impossible for a bright, famous, and well-respected writer to speak at Harvard without making self-deprecating comments about her own body.

  3. I am sandi, and I am a Potterhead.

    I was already teaching when I read the first book. This was before it exploded as big as it is now. I kept hearing about this book that was taking up spots on the NY Times list and hearing about all the church folks wanting it banned or burned.
    Hell, that’s all the motivation I need to read a book-someone wanting it banned.
    I was in love. So much so that I borrowed the fourth book from one of my students after it came out (before he got to read it, the sweetheart) and skipped school with another teacher when the 1st movie came out.
    My obsession has waned some (only to be replaced with Twilight and *omg* Edward Cullen!) but I still hold Harry and gang in my heart.
    And just last week I decided to read all of the books through. I haven’t read some of them in a few years.

  4. I’m a huge fan too. I’m actually in the middle of re reading book 6. A girl stopped me on the train yesterday as I was finishing the OTP and chatted with me about it. Potheads… I mean… uhh….duuude…. Potterheads! unite!

  5. I love me some Harry Potter! In fact, I read the seventh book… on my honeymoon!

    I love how I can get so totally lost in Rowling’s fantasy land that I completely forget the real world around me. I’m so incredibly jealous of that woman.

  6. I’m one of those that never thought I’d become a Pothead… er… I mean Potterhead (shinobi, look what you made me do!!!).

    When the first movie first came out, I just wasn’t interested. I hadn’t heard of the books until right before the movie (and only BECAUSE of the movie), and it just didn’t look like my kind of thing. But then my daughter saw the promos, and a bunch of her friends at school had seen it, so when it came out on DVD I bought it for her as an impulse buy.

    And I was immediately hooked. I took her to see the second one in the theater, and bought that DVD as soon as it came out. We have a copy of each of the movies so far (usually bought immediately after it comes out).

    It’s only been in the last year that I’ve gotten into the books, though. (Funny, considering how Hubby and I are big bibliophiles.) I found a copy of the first book in a charity shop, and hunted down a copy of each of the books through charity shops and eBay. Hubby saw me reading and enjoying the books so much that he just had to read them, too. And I got him so hooked that when the last book was released, he took himself right down to the bookstore on the DAY of release and bought us a first edition.

    I’ve never gotten into fanfiction or anything like that, but I have to admit that the whole family LOVES Harry Potter, and I didn’t really think I’d like it all that much. Ha! Just goes to show ya.

  7. Yay! Potterheads!

    I am such an enormos Potterhead you wouldn’t believe. I was 9 when I read the first and second books and bought every subsequent book of release day (I was one of those British Children who skipped school to get PoA leading to subsequent releases being on weekends).

    Harry Potter fandom save my life at Secondary(high) school, I got into it after OotP came out, I was into SS/HG very much so back in those days 😀 Thanks to being at a HP convention for the seventh book release I’ve actually gotten more excited about it.

    However… I’m not a big JKR fan recently, but it’s hard to go into that.

    I’ve for a long time thought she was sizist, that is hugely obvious in her books. Fat characters are weak willed and greedy (Vernon and Dudley Dursley, Horace Slughorn) and she makes remarks like the one Miriam quoted above. Even her post-card there had to be the remark about the policeman knocking off a wing mirror with his ‘enormous backside.’

    Which to be honest, really sucks. I love those books so much and I loved most of the postcard, but she has done so much to make me lose respect for her and it hurts.

    Ack, sorry for the essay. I could talk about this stuff every moment of the day!

  8. Miriam, I know. I was like “NOOOO!” but then the rest of the speech eclipsed it for me. I was bummed though. I’d like to think she was just trying to be funny, and didn’t actually mean it. Especially since she’s spoken out against thincentricity (if you haven’t read it, go here: So I’d like to, you know, ignore it and move on.

    Acceptable, you should go read: the link I posted above, and then this: I understand where you’re coming from, but if you read both of those, maybe you’ll see what I’m seeing?

    Yay for Potterheads! I’m going to reread seven when I get home! YAY!

  9. My name is Julia, and I am a recovered Harry Potter slash fanfiction addict.

    Okay, I probably wasn’t completely addicted, but I did spend a few hours most nights during my first year of my undergrad degree reading increasingly x-rated homoerotic fanfiction.

    Yep, it’s true.

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