Like, Seriously?

I have no words.

I have no words.

Seriously. How are these two things even fucking COMPARABLE??

I hate the world. I really, really do.

Note to self: stop taking quizzes online.


20 thoughts on “Like, Seriously?

  1. Gee, let’s see:

    No cure for genital herpes. The virus is always in your body.

    Weight can be dropped, if that is the choice of the individual and not anybody else.

    And seeing that I’m well over 50 pounds “overweight,” it’s obvious which one I will choose. My world hasn’t ended because I’m fat.

    But it makes you wonder of the mentality of the individual who would choose herpes over weight.

  2. Well, depending on how you define HAVING it, some people test positive for the virus and never have a single breakout so it’s practically like not having it… on the other hand, knowing you have it is stressful, especially if you’re single and dating.

    IIRC this is why many doctors refuse to test people for the virus and will only diagnose breakouts – because a lot of people have it and don’t know it and they figure it will be worse for their quality of life to know and freak out.

  3. that filst comment should not have been allowed. It implies that fat is a choice and glorifies weight loss. This is hurtfull and triggering for me. I assumed that here on a fat liberation blog I would have found a safe space. You are just as bad as worth your weight.

  4. (pats well-padded stomach)

    Clearly I have made my ‘choice.’ Considering I can have sex whenever I please without fear of spreading an incurable disease, I think I’ll stick with it, too.

    Not that I think people with herpes chose it. They wouldn’t. Just as I didn’t sit down one day and think to myself ‘I believe I’ll become fat today’ and voila! But the fact that ANYONE would think that given the choice it might be better to have herpes…just…(brain goes ‘splodey)it saddens me deeply.

    And hey! The two are not mutually exclusive, you know, because fat people have Teh Secks too!

  5. I hope I made my choice clear in my post.

    I’ve been getting cold sores on my lips and nose since I was born. I would NEVER wish herpes on my poor, innocent gentle vagina.

    The extra padding? Maybe the heavily air-conditioned building I work in wouldn’t be so awful. ^_^

  6. It’s disturbing that the question would ever arise at all. That anyone would think to ask it. Same as with the question about losing a limb, and it really just hit me, why the HELL did they ask little kids that? Why put that in their heads anyway? People are sick.

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  8. You know what, I do not know you but I think I just fell in love with your avatar picture.

    You’re pretty. Do not be mad at me if you hate this word to describe you, but that’s what I think. I am not prejudiced against fat people; I’ve met so many articulate and intelligent people who are 30+ pounds overweight and who never failed to wow me with the wisdom and intelligence they exude.

    Long live this blogsite.

  9. I think it would be important to keep in mind that there are two authors on this blog. One of them is the amazing and articulate fat activist, Chrissy. The other is her best friend Jamie who is an ally who has only recently recognized her thin privilege. For some reason the site no longer distinguishes between the two of us. I promise I will start signing my posts at the end. This one was by Jamie, who is nowhere near as good an author as Chrissy, and is therefore reduced to vulgarity and ranting to express herself. 🙂

  10. I just found your blog today. I think it is great! Society has so warped our image of beauty that I don’t know if anyone really knows what it is anymore.

    Kudos to you and your readers who are confident in who they are regardless of shape, size, color, etc.

    BTW – I agree with your comments on the quizz. What the hell!

    Continue to keep it real!

  11. You know how there is that rule thingy (Godwin’s priniciple, maybe?) about how long it takes for Hilter to be mentioned in an internet thread? I think there needs to be a new one for Paris Hilton.

    Also, let’s refrain from judging someone that none of us has ever met, let alone gotten to know on a close basis. Anything similar will be deleted from my posts in the future.

  12. I have to laugh, cuz you are SO right! I’ve done the same thing and thought…. what the hell can an online quiz tell me about me? They are all a bunch of crap! We put too much stock in those stupid things. I think it stems from those stupid quizzes we took in Teen and Cosmo! lol They all say the same thing! I feel your frustration…. and I got a giggle out of your take on it! LOVE the blog!

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