Perception Check: Dumbest thing ever?

Okay, so I just spent some time watching YouTube videos and ended up going from the Dove evolution video to some parodies of it (most of which were dumb) to this video, which features someone using photoshop to give a makeover to Jessica Alba. Ummmm….it has made me lose faith in our world.

The maker of the video says:

Btw, i know that shes beautiful, but i tried to make her more beautiful…

What I’d like to say to the poster pretty much boils down to, “I have a problem with you.” I just…don’t understand it. Why is this person looking at Jessica Alba and thinking “hey, there’s still something I could fix in that photo?” What the hell is their problem? It has just proven to me how completely off base our perceptions of beauty are. Just getting mad at the video’s creator isn’t enough. I’m mad at the world for making this such a norm. We look at someone. We judge them. We say, “let’s make you prettier!” It seriously makes me sick. I want to just run to the edge of a cliff and throw myself off. Some days I look at things like this and think, “what has happened to our world?!” I mean, I think I’m being pretty reasonable in asking someone to look at Jessica Alba and think, “Look at how smokin’ hot that woman is. I can’t imagine needing to do anything to make her look more beautiful.” But apparently, even that is too much to ask!

I dunno. I’ve just lost faith. Completely lost faith.

Am I crazy? Please, world, validate my feelings…


6 thoughts on “Perception Check: Dumbest thing ever?

  1. You’re not crazy, back away from the cliff 😉

    Things like this are so discouraging. How can we expect our children to grow up loving their bodies when even the SUPERSTARS have to be tweaked to look “right”? Very sad.

  2. What is the saying? You are not going crazy, you are going sane in a crazy world. I forgot where that is from, but it sooooo fits.

  3. Did you see this?
    Do you think that it is hypocritical that Unilever (the company that makes Dove) use the very tactics for advertising their other products, that they are decrying with their Dove advertising?

    I think you seem more sane than is healthy for this world. 🙂

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