Margaret Cho is my Homegirl

Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho

I love Margaret Cho. Her humor, her positivity, her activism, her voice, and her beauty all continuously awe me. She is a proponent of loving yourself, and has such a positivity. She speaks candidly about everything from sex, to body image, to identity, to race. And I find her incredibly inspiring. She’s sexy, funny, and a real role model.

You can imagine, then, how gleeful I was when I found the link to this video at Feministing. I’m about to die with excitement. I did not know she was getting her own show, nor did I expect to to be as great. And I am more excited than anything to see it.

I know some people may not love her as much as I do, but I seriously love her. Feel free to disagree, but Margaret Cho is my homegirl!


12 thoughts on “Margaret Cho is my Homegirl

  1. Oh I love Margaret as much as you do I am sure.
    Watching ” I’m The One That I want’ for the first time will go down in my own personal history book as one of the funniest nights of my life.

    My eldest daughter is 15 and she just watched it recently and loved it and I was SO glad because my kids are bi-racial, and Margaret’s message about being an Asian women in the US is so good. She is an awesome role model for girls the world over but especially girls of Asian descent.

    There cannot be enough tributes paid to Ms Cho.

  2. As a card-carrying Asian, I say this with the utmost respect… Margaret Cho is not very funny at all.


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