Holy Twizzle Sticks, Batman! That’s a lotta troll spittle!

I’ve put all the troll comments in moderation, because it seems they’re taking my blog as an open post for them to write absolutely inane things on. I’ll probably mark them all as spam soon. Mostly because they’re taking up space in my inbox, and being rude to people who respect the blog! I might be putting all comments on moderation for a little while. Sorry if this is inconvenient to yall!

Oh, and to our dear troll friends: Jamie and I find it soooo funny when you all make fun of us as a unit, considering that she is thin thin thin, and I am teh fat. It puts into perspective (as if we needed it) exactly how little you know about us!

Oh you trolls. You make me laugh so hard! At least Tara (who, btw, made an appearance on the last post!! Haha!) was semi-intelligent, even though she was anti-fat.

Any more suggestions on how to control the spittle from these trolls is still welcome! But for now, I’m thinking of just sending them some twelve inch subs so they find it hard to click buttons and type.


8 thoughts on “Holy Twizzle Sticks, Batman! That’s a lotta troll spittle!

  1. You go girl! SHake those flabby bits at the skinny police! I get lectured about eating less and exersing more and I’m still in the right BMI range!
    Life is for living not for food avoidance and treadmills.

  2. ITA. Delete, delete, delete, and if you need to set comments to moderation, I think most of us will totally understand.

    A little hint, though: if you set it to “commenter must have a previously approved comment” then people like me – who comment ALL the time *grin* will have our comments go right through, and just new people (including the trolls!) will go into moderation. It’s slightly easier, but still catches the trolls when they creep out from under their bridges.

  3. i don’t understand why you’re getting so many trolls. i’ve actually enjoyed some of what’s been written here, if merely from the standpoint that i struggled with an eating disorder when i was in high school and was called “too thin” by the time i got to college. i wouldn’t use the word “slim” to describe myself at all now (perhaps “average” would be accurate, i suppose), and it has only come with self-love and acceptance. some people are naturally thin, others are naturally heavier. why do we spend so much time and sweat and tears trying to fight that? why do we believe that we have to be a certain dress-size to be beautiful? i equated thin to pretty at a very young age, but – at least for me, personally – i think that women were not supposed to have the body of a boy (otherwise, we would be boys, right?). curves are sexy, all shapes and magnitudes. i don’t need a boyfriend to tell me this, and i also don’t need society telling me the otherwise. shouldn’t the objective just lie within being happy with who you are, not trying to kill yourself, and supporting one another in our endeavors? since when did the rules change to “tear down everyone else for your own personal gains”?

    for those who will argue, as i have seen, that being overweight is unhealthy, i want to ague that being too thin is also unhealthy. at the peak of it, i was anemic, diarrhetic, and losing my hair – all in my tireless efforts trying to fit into society’s “ideal.” someone, please, dare tell me that’s healthy.

  4. Howdy!
    I have all of my comments on moderation, so only folks who have been approved in the past can put something up unnoticed. I also check my comments every day, just in case.
    There is no need to take any of their crap seriously, and posting about them only gives them fuel. None of what they write is actually about you. It’s all about them, their ego, and their surplus of spare time. How could it be about anything else, really? They’ve never met you and spent under 30secs with your reading, most likely.
    Nah, just keep rolling. It just goes to show that you’re writing something worth responding to, and that your presence inspires passion. Both are things to be proud of! Delete their comments without hesitation or thought, or draft a friend to do so if they’re still getting to you.
    Lots of love!
    Ruth @ ExploringIntimacy.com

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