Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

Disclaimer: It is no excuse for anything, but it might explain any typos. I am drunk right now.

So, folks, I am sorry for not writing anything in a while. Though in my defense, neither has Chrissy, and she owns this blog! 🙂 The start of classes is rough on us all.

I just wanted to make a note in passing that a) I haven’t forgotten about this place and b) holy cow I have fat prejudice thoughts to get over. 😦

I only really started participating in the FA stuff this summer. About May or so, I think. So I get back to school and realize there are all these [fat] (I’m sorry I’m still not comfortable with the word and I’m too drunk to try to deal with that right now. I promise I’m working on it though) people I don’t even know but who I recognize, walking around campus, and when I would see them, before, I would think mean things, like, “Why don’t they just walk more/get off their asses/etc.” When I, myself, am one of the most sedentary people I know.

It is always hard learning the ways in which one has not been as egalitarian as one would have wished.

I am working and learning and growing though.

It is a process.


Maybe I can come up with a more substantial post another time.

*pours another whiskey sour*


2 thoughts on “Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

  1. Hah! Thank you!

    I’ve always been proud of not devolving my writing just because I’m on the Internet, and somehow that becomes more pronounced when I’m alcoholated. If I make a typo in an IM while drunk, it’s not because I didn’t realize it. It’s because I made the conscious decision to be too lazy to go back and fix it!

    So my drunk self made extra effort not to typo in this post, because people would be reading it. ^_^

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