Golden Spirit Pig!

I know I haven’t updated in like, a year, but let me explain…

First, I moved into school. Then I went on a trip to Beaver Island with my cousin, sister, and aunt. THEN, I started Senior RA training. Now we’re in the midst of regular RA Training, so I won’t have much time, and will be working with my staff 24/7.

Now let me tell you about something wonderful…

The Area Coordinators at my college were determined to have an RA spirit competition between the staffs. So, they bought a golden piggy bank, named him Edgar the Golden Spirit Pig, and told us that we had to treat him like a real pet, and we’d get points for stealing him from other staffs.

My staff has been kinda low-key about it. We’ve tried feebly to get Edgar from the other staff, and have called “Oink” on other staffs (when they are either sofocating Edgar, or mistreating him in some way), but we haven’t gotten ahold of him for ourselves.

That is, until this morning! I’ve been very respectful towards Edgar, mostly because I’m afraid of him breaking (he’s ceramic), and I went over to one of the ACs to put a memory inside of him, and about a minute later they brought him over to me and gave him to me. They said it was because we haven’t had him yet, but I think it’s because we’ve been treating him right.

Anyway, I’ve been fending off attacks since. Right now I’m locked in my room on lunch break, and me and my fellow RA, Jennifer, have put a ribbon around his neck to dress him up a bit, and taken pictures with him. We’re all about the love here, with Edgar.

So, I felt the need to gleefully post that Edgar, the Golden Spirit Pig, is currently in my possesion, and I am happy as pie.
I think the Golden Pig is going to become a symbol of joy for me!

Oh, and here I am with him:

Edgar and I

Edgar and I


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