Fat Girl Making Movies Strikes Again

So News:

This fat girl making movies got an internship with PBS in Chicago for her winter break! I’m soooooo excited! It’s going to be so much fun! It’s for the entire month of Decemeber, and I’m going to be living with some friends, and having an absolute ball!

That was something that I didn’t think I’d get, so it’s pretty darn exciting.

In other movie-related news, there’s a feature film (an indie film) being filmed on the campus of my college, and they’re letting all of us students help out in all aspects of the production! I’m hopefully doing post-production work, which means some editing, if they let me. That or camera action. It’s super exciting.

Finally, I’m still working on the dreaded Senior Thesis film. It’s…coming together, slowly but surely. Unfortunately, that means I’ll have to spend my life (almost all of it) in an editing lab. And that’s going to happen sooner rather than later. My intership with PBS means I can be working on my own film during the first few weeks of December (because I’ll be taken away from my editing lab…I really need to invest in a Mac). So the schedule of my own editing will have to be pushed up a bit!

Anyway, just wanted to report on those things. You might see a better post later today, so keep a lookout!


2 thoughts on “Fat Girl Making Movies Strikes Again

  1. Oh well! All of this sounds exciting. Your first step towards something that you will really enjoy doing!

    Did you mean an Indian Film? Which one? I’m an Indian too 🙂

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