Love Love Love

Kate at Shapely Prose informs us that today is the NOW Love your Body Day! How/What do you love about your body?

Me? I’m a big fan of my calves and ankles. They’re very shapely, and just plain beautiful. I also really really like that small bit between my knees and my thighs that has this absolutely beautiful curve to it. I’m admiring it today by wearing shorts until I have to put on pants (because it’s cold!). I think I made it obvious by yesterday’s post that I love my hair. And, for that matter, my boobs. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with any of that! And the best part is, I’m a package deal. All those beautiful limbs and boobs wrapped up together in a beautiful body! Wooo! Love Love LOVE my body!

Tell me what YOU love about YOUR body! And make sure you love it all evenly! It’s not fair otherwise!


3 thoughts on “Love Love Love

  1. I love my feet, my calves, my soft belly, my breasts (even if they’re a little mismatched in size O_o), my hands, my shoulders and my face. I have pretty eyes and well shaped eyebrows. I rarely wear makeup because I feel confident enough and beautiful enough without it. Yay! I LOVE MY BODY!

  2. I adore my dark blue eyes. Most people think they’re brown because they’re so dark, but when they take the time to notice, yep, blue.

    I love my hands. They’re small and kind of round and funnily cute. They also look fabulous with lots of big silver rings. They also have a magical touch for baking delicious treats and for weaving lace. They can caress Mr. Twistie with tenderness and entwine firmly with his hands.

    I love my feet. They may be shaped like little cubes, but they’re strong and carry me everywhere I go.

    I love my legs which have always been muscular.

    I love my nose which is cute as a damn button.

    I love my lungs, diaphragm, and larynx which between them allow me to tear down the fucking walls with a huge voice that’s still pretty.

    I love my hair which is silky and a gorgeous shade of brown.

    I love my skin which is soft and sensitive and looks good in virtually any color I really want to wear.

    I love my ears which are nicely shaped and appreciate a wide variety of musical styles.

    I love my tongue which has the ability to taste so many delicious foods.

    There’s a lot to love about my body, and I have every intention of doing so each and every day.

  3. I love the colors of my eyes and hair. I like to look at these colors and imagine other things that are this color and just enjoy them.

    I love my hands – they work well and mostly without pain, and they do so many incredible things for me! I even love the little scar on my thumb that helps me remember which one is left and which one is right, and all the memories packed into it.

    I love my arms and chest because they work together to give great hugs.

    I love my knees – they are so good and fast at bending and moving!

    I love the freckle on my face – it just appeared one day out of nowhere, and it makes me smile.

    I love my brain – it’s part of my body! I like the way it tries hard and works and is never afraid to try again!

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