Non-Fat Friday: 30 Rock

30 Rock

30 Rock

So recently I started watching 30 Rock on my Netflix. Excepting a few episodes in Season 2, I’ve found it to be a pretty good show. I really love Tina Fey’s character, especially because it is literally her thing that she loves food. It cracks me up. And her love of food is almost always portrayed positively. She just loves food! She’s not fat because she loves food. She’s not ugly because she loves food. She just loves food!

I really enjoy Alec Baldwin’s character, too (though, wouldn’t it be fun if he’d been played by Nathan Fillion from Firefly and Dr. Horrible? For some reason, he’s who I thought of when I first heard Jack speak on 30 Rock). Mostly, I enjoy his political barbs, and the fact that he once “dated” Condoleeza Rice. HAH!

Add in the rest of the cast, and I find the show genuinely funny. I think I might be obsessed. I actually had a 30 Rock dream the other night. It was entirely too absurd. But I really do relate to Tina Fey’s character, and I enjoy her sass. There’s something about her that just makes her super-relatable. I’m excited to see where this show goes.

Do any of you watch 30 Rock? What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Non-Fat Friday: 30 Rock

  1. I sped through the two seasons available on Netflix. Now, my Friday morning routine is to see if a new episode has been posted on to watch while I eat breakfast. I am utterly and completely hooked. I LOVED the Valentine’s show from a couple weeks ago.

  2. I haven’t watched 30 Rock, but I have noticed that some of the more “enlightened” shows have thin women who just love to eat! (see: Fred from Angel) It’s almost as if the writers are going, “look, she’s a woman and she loves eating! But she stays thin! Isn’t she cute?” It does bother me a bit that it’s cute in a thin woman but if the character were fat it would be a flaw.

    Still, I do think Tina Fey is awesome and I will get around to watching this show eventually.

  3. I think one of my favorite 30 Rock food moments is when, just recently in season 3, Liz tells her recipe for beef stew, which is just substituting cheddar cheese for water! Sounds pretty good! But I agree with you in regards to the way they portray Liz’s love of food. And some of the best and funniest moments involved Liz eating something or talking about eating something.

  4. I think I watched Liz eat the sandwich/dipping sauce rather than surrender it to airport security—even though it might mean she would lose Floyd—half a dozen times. As the TSA employee conceded, “Now, that’s less cliche.”

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