Question of the Day

What’s your favorite thing to do outside in the springtime?

Mine is definitely having picnics or potlucks. And also going to the beach. I’m feeling spring nostalgic today! What’s your favorite thing to do outside?


8 thoughts on “Question of the Day

  1. Walking around town. It’s my favorite form of exercise, and my health has been suffering all winter because of the cold and ice. But there’s a really pretty beach close to my apartment that I haven’t visited in the few years I’ve been here, and I’m planning on remedying that as soon as the lake thaws.

  2. I like to go out into the yard swing with a book… I read until I’m so relaxed that I fall asleep… there’s nothing better than sleeping outside in a swing under a tree. 😀 2nd fav is walking the cats. They love it so much.

  3. RIDING MY BIKE! I’m sorry for the all caps, but seriously this winter has been sooooooo long, I cannot wait to see some pavement and grass so that I can ride my bike again!

  4. Start trolling the nurseries! Seriously. I tell myself each year that I have to wait until at least May 15 to even start thinking about planting, but I get so excited at the first sign of tree buds that I can’t help myself!

  5. Jen and Rachel are invited to come and tend my gardens anytime they like.

    Also: outdoor places for the kids to play. McDonald’s Playland is fine in a pinch, but my little monkey needs something to climb on that isn’t one of her parents.

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