Non-Fat Friday: Twitterpatteritus.

In response to last week’s WTF Thursday, I’m posting a Non-Fat Friday: Twitterpatteritus.

I just (and I mean in the last half hour) joined Twitter.

And I think I hate it…or wait, do I love it? I’m not sure. I’m pretty certain it just boggled my mind a little.

I can see its uses. And I can see how it’s glaringly creepy. But, if any of you out there are on Twitter, I’d love to follow you.

It’s addictive. Like crazy. And I feel like you all probably have more to say than me.

Each of these paragraphs could be a Twitter.

Discuss your Twitterpatteritus here, in posts of under 160 characters… : )

You can find me here.


8 thoughts on “Non-Fat Friday: Twitterpatteritus.

  1. Interesting points! I was actually thinking about this topic last night and this morning (particularly how to incorporate it into my own blog). Thanks for the tips, bro!

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