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The Fool from the World Spirit Tarot

The Fool from the World Spirit Tarot

So for a while I’ve been thinking about picking up tarot card reading. I don’t really know what got me thinking about it, but I got this little book ages ago for a stocking-stuffer or small little gift, or something, and it came with a mini (like the size of a dime) deck of tarot cards.  I recently found it, and read through it, and have since decided that I want to learn more about Tarot. The contemplative and meditative uses of tarot appeal to me a lot. It seems like fuel for an introspective, open and contemplative individual–a way to delve into thinking about problems.

So, I started looking to get started. Apparently, there’s a standard deck of cards that most people suggest you get, the Rider-Waite deck. Of course, I looked at it, and decided, NO WAY am I getting that deck. First of all, I find the artwork kind of dull (although the have since released a ton of variations on it). Secondly, it seems to be full of white men. It just…didn’t really speak to me at all. Of all the articles I’d read, you should pick decks that really speak to you. Most people recommend that you learn on the standard decks, and then move on to others. But I’m not sure if I can afford a whole collection of other decks. So I want this one to be really important to me.

So,  I started looking at other decks, trying to find one whose artwork spoke to me.

Now, I should explain, I believe in fate–at least to the extent that I enjoy when life surprises me in a positive way. I love the serendipity of stumbling across a song I love on the radio. I love the instances when something from one conversation or class I had seems to trickle right over into another conversation or class. I love it when the universe aligns in some way to surprise me. But I also try to follow my insticts. I say, “Well, I feel like this is right. Let’s see where it takes me.”

It only seemed natural to follow this same belief in looking for a tarot deck.  And lo and behold, the first deck I clicked on was the  World Spirit Tarot deck! This deck is absolutely beautiful to me. Not only is multiracial, inclusive of all genders (sometimes not even defining the gender). And the cherry on top: IT HAS WOMEN OF SIZE! It is said to be a vibrant and joyful deck (see The Fool above), and I agree. It seems like a great fit for me. The images felt real and personal.  It just seems so…right for me.

Anyway, after looking through a ton more decks, I ended up ordering the World Spirit deck, and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I know that it will be different to start with, but it’s apparently based off the Rider-Waite deck in a way, though slightly different. Plus, they make me excited to use them.

Does anyone have any tarot deck suggestions for me? I would love to hear anyone’s stories of tarot, too! I find there are all sorts of people who come here with experience in so many things, so I’m sure there’s someone out there who loves tarot!


9 thoughts on “OT: Tarot

  1. I have a bunch of different decks, and they definitely have their own personalities. Aeclectic Tarot is a great resource, but see if you can’t find a store that carries different decks that’ll let you take the cards out and look at them. A bunch of the new age / pagan / whatever bookstores i’ve been to would have a whole shelf of opened tarot decks so that you could get a good feel for them.

    It may sound weird, but different decks DO have a different feel. I’ve yet to compare notes with someone who had a comfortable session with the Tarot of the Cat people. It’s beautiful, but it has an alien sort of feel to it. Not like UFOs and grey men or whatever… it’s just… Different.

    On the other hand, the deck that i find most comfortable (the Faery Wicca deck; no, i am not Wiccan) is one that a lot of people have trouble getting a good feel for. I don’t necessarily follow the booklet that comes with it, the interpretations are as plain as day to me when i’m working with that deck. I think that’s kind of what determines how good a deck is for an individual – how much of the card’s meaning is apparent to them? Can they look at a card and intuitively recall the meaning, or do they have trouble recalling the implications no matter how much they study them?

    • that’sincorrect, you go for the deck that feels good for you, I got a deck given and it was to complex for me as I never saw a tarot deck in my life till that point, the deck was the marcelleds deck, I suggest go to a store and look at the decks in the boxes as you will find it hard to find any decks open, I have 5 in all the decks all based on the rider waite,
      the rider wait deck it’s self the devine tarot amazing deck the guilded tarot yet another amazing deck and just as amazing as I love the country the Robin Wood deck againg amazing, I tend to only use one deck but I love just looking at my other decks the give me inner peace.

  2. P. – I read about the “should be given to you” thing, but most of the sites I read said that that was an old wives tale, and you should pick a deck that you connect with.

  3. Personally, when I was using Tarot a lot I used a mixed deck of various kinds of cards (including some catholic Saints cards that aren’t really Tarot at all). But at that point I was reading a lot of different Tarot books & doing a *lot* of readings (sometimes for money) and I had a comprehensive theory of how the cards related to each other that didn’t exactly match anyone else’s. Rider-Waite is a Golden-Dawn system deck, btw, and most of the other decks use their iconography & meanings without much theoretical change.

    I really like the art on the Aquarian Tarot, it’s very beautiful, but the interpretations behind it are pretty Christianized (the newer deck by the same artist, the Palladini deck, even more so.)

    Your World Spirit deck looks lovely.

  4. I have the book for the World Spirit Tarot. Tell me how it works out for you. I use a Rider-Waite deck, a Rolla Nordic deck, and one with Animals. I suggest playing with a few decks at a new age bookstore and finding one that works well with you. I use Rider-Waite because I’m a sucker for tradition, but it’s really your preference. Good luck! 🙂

  5. “Should be given to you”, It’d be nice, but it’s not required. Well, that depends on beliefs.

    If you get into tarot, it’s really worth it. Once you get a handle on your deck, it can be very insightful into your own life, and perhaps shed clarity into the actions of those around you. Plus, it can offer advice, and literally “Lay your cards on the table” for you to see all the surrounding circumstances. It can be unnerving, too.

    It also helps with unlocking your personal intuition, because you need to learn how to listen to that tiny little voice that fills in the meanings behind the cards, and puts the puzzle pieces together.

    XD All that said, in terms of decks, I personally prefer the Robin Wood Tarot, because the artwork is gorgeous and unique. The thing is, you really SHOULD pick out your own deck, by examining all the cards– or at least a good sample of them– to find out which aids your ability to interpret the symbols. The important thing is to have a deck that speaks to you, and doesn’t just lay out something you need to interpret. Your deck shouldn’t be speaking in completely foreign code. 😀

  6. Hi!

    There are literally hundreds of Tarot decks in existence. I like to suggest that my students browse through decks and get a feel for which one (s) appeal most to them. The point is to connect with the imagery of your deck of choice so that it can “speak” to you. I recommend that everyone at least start out with either the classic or Universal Waite deck, only because it is the most widely written about and the symbolism is so rich. I’d be happy to suggest a few others you may like as well:

    1) The Ancestral Path Tarot – this is a VERY beautiful deck by renowned Tarot artist Julie Cuccia-Watts. Images of Arthurian legend, Native American , Egyptian and Japanese heritage are contained in this deck.

    2) The Housewives Tarot – a FUN deck that is so kitschy and cute, very easy to read with , especially for any “domestic goddess” 😉

    3) The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck – Technically not a “true Tarot deck” and Tarot purists may be offended but I don’t care…I love this deck. And I think that John Holland has done a good thing in removing the 10’s and the court cards from the minor arcana, as many new readers are typically confused with these particular cards. He also includes 7 chakra cards which are very helpful in doing intuitive readings. Gorgeous artwork as

    4) The Gilded Tarot – This deck follows the traditional deck structure, and the artwork is beautiful as well. If you can, get the version that includes the book by Josephine Ellershaw. It’s a good one! 🙂

    Also, you certainly don’t have to wait around until someone gifts you with a new deck. If you did, you may never get one! However, it is highly advisable to clear (place in order) and cleanse (pass each card through smudge smoke) any new deck before using it. Just to make sure that A) they are all there, and B) that no unwanted residual energy lingers on those cards from anyone who may have handled them during the production and shipping process.

    Hope this helps! Good luck in your Tarot travels!

    ~Dawn Jones
    Intuitive Consultant

  7. I don’t know how sensitive you are to the energy objects give off, but the best way I know to keep tarot cards happy is to shuffle them and play with them a few times a day when you first get them to get them adjusted to you. Also, store your deck wrapped in silk and in a wood box. This insulates them from random energies. I know I sound crazy, but their energy should feel good when you hold them. I’ve picked up improperly stored and/or infrequently used decks and had pain course up my arms to my elbows before I let go.

    I don’t read tarot, I just read palms, do numerology, and get weak energy emanations off of objects and people.

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