A Tribute

I would like to make a toast, to a spectacular, special, splendid young woman.

Chrissy has been my best friend since the 6th grade. As of this year, that’s half our lives. In a few short days, Chrissy will be graduating from college with a degree and a passion. (As so often happens, the degree and the passion are in two different subjects. ^_~) In the 11 years since I’ve known her, Chrissy has managed to change and grow while still ultimately remaining the same wonderful girl I fell in love with. I won’t presume to tell you about how she has changed inside – I’m no mind-reader. But I can tell you that for 11 years she has inspired me to be a kinder and more compassionate person (though I’m sad to say I often ignored that inspiration).

Chrissy is going places. I’m completely awed by her mad videography skills. I’d lay odds on watching her documentaries on television someday. I am so proud to know this woman! When I see her face after one of our long separations, I know instantly that I am in the company of someone amazing. I’m not sure how one human being can be so full of exuberance and drive, but Chrissy manages it, with aplomb and dignity.

I probably won’t be able to attend her graduation ceremony, due to uncontrollable circumstances in my own life. But I will be there in my heart, watching a visionary, an activist, my best friend as she takes her first steps into the rest of her life.

To Chrissy! *clinks glass* 😀

P.S. Happy Birthday, too!


4 thoughts on “A Tribute

  1. *raises a glass along with you*

    Congrats Chrissy!

    I was fortunate to graduate from college with a degree and a passion, and was able to bring that passion into grad school. 🙂

  2. Hello Chrissy,

    Congratulations. Second, what makes you call yourself a fattie? It sounds like an excuse or something. I am just curious what makes you down play your beautiful accomplishments and degrade yourself at the same time. Am I mssing something here?


    • Hi Amanda,

      Yes, indeed, you are missing something: I don’t find the word fat degrading whatsoever. This whole blog is about accepting myself in my skin, and part of that idea has to do with the fact that my being fat has no relation on anything, and isn’t a degrading thing. Fat is a descriptive term. For me, it’s like saying that I’m tall, or that I have hands. It’s merely describing who I am. And I’m proud of being fat. It does not mean I’m ugly, stupid, mean, lazy, etc. So it’s not degrading.

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope that reading my blog will make you believe all this as well.

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