What’s the Skinny on Skinny Jeans?

I’m a girl who loves fashion. I like (some) fashion shows (ahem…Project Runway). I love to shop. I sometimes spend hours just browsing my favorite stores online. But there’s one trend I’ve been hesitant to jump on: the Skinny Jean.

Now, I have to admit…I like how they look on many women. My friends wear skinny jeans, my cousins wear skinny jeans, I think my mom might even have a pair. But I’ve proceeded with caution, unsure whether the skinny jean would look good on a not-so-skinny me.

I’m definitely an apple shape. I got the goods in the stomach area, with thinner arms and legs. It’s a body shape that is both easy and difficult to dress. You can pull off the empire waist with grace. Flared jeans are always in style. Knee-length dresses and skirts look fantastic. But with pants, huge problems arise. For me, I have issues fitting my waist while still fitting my but/hips. I want the leg of my pants to fit tightly in the thighs, and then do its business on the bottom. Often, I get wattle butt —Β  my pants have a handful of material that just hangs down from my butt all the way to my knees, like that flap of skin under a turkey’s beak. Apparently, manufacturers think I should have a bigger butt to even out my waist size (jeeze).

So pants have always been a problem. It wasn’t until I found Lane Bryant’s Right Fit jeans that I found a pair of jeans that really fit my body. (Yellow FTW!) My butt looks fantastic in those jeans. They fit my thighs and feel almost like a second, wonderfully denim, skin. I wear them all the time and love how I feel and look in them.

But now, looking at, and even trying on skinny jeans, I’m reliving all my pants problems over again.

The other day I stopped by the Macy’s to look through their clearance section. Surprisingly, their 60% off rack had a selection of designer skinny jeans in plus sizes. I decided to give it a go and try them on.

I tried three different brands in sizes 18-22. I’m normally a 22, but the 22s felt too big and gave me wattle butt. The 18s fit perfectly in the leg, but not the waist. The 20s were only available in a style that was cropped (ugh).

But worst of all, every single pair I tried on made my body look wider. It was like taking my apple torso and putting it on chopsticks. Skinny jeans mess with my proportions. I look wider, weirder, and felt uncomfortable. Needless to say, I didn’t purchase any skinny jeans.

But, I still find the style appealing. I’ve seen fat women wear them, and I think they look great on them. So is a skinny jean still out there for me? Dare I continue to look? Or should I abandon the cause and stick to my Right Fit flares?

Weigh in, and give me the skinny!


137 thoughts on “What’s the Skinny on Skinny Jeans?

  1. Loved this post…. however my husband said in Esquire magazine, skinny jeans are no longer the “it” or “in style”…. so do yourself a favor, don’t buy cause new fashion is already here…..

    I am kinda sad though cause, I like my skinny jeans even though I haven’t wore them much.

    Thanks for the post….

  2. I feel like skinny jeans make everyone look a little bit like an ice cream cone, no matter what size they are.

    I’ve bought one pair, and so far I can only stand to wear them with the legs rolled up. I think sometimes you need to just go with what makes you feel good, and if that’s not skinny jeans, it’s not skinny jeans.

    We can always say we gave ’em a shot.

  3. I feel your pain. my problem is kind of the reverse of yours, I’ve got a waist that’s a size smaller than my butt/hips, so whatever I find that fits my butt, it huge and gapinf in the waist. My joke about skinny jeans is that they’re really only made for skinny people! LOL Mainly because I think when they’re making them, the people don’t account for women with curves. My straight up and down friends have no problem. I’ll also tell ya that to me, buying jeans is right up there with buying swimsuits in the deflating your self-confidence arena! I may think I look great when I go to buy some, but the overhead flourescent lighting and cuts that don’t flatter my figure really makes me not want to shop ever again! Maybe that’s why I still have my high=waisted acid washed jeans from the 80’s! ha ha just kidding, but you get my meaning!

  4. I know exactly what you mean about being an apple shape–although since I gained weight, my arms and legs got larger, as well, heh.

    I don’t think there’s any harm in trying jeans on ^_^ as long as you continue to support the jeans that you know look good on you. (y’know, so they don’t disappear overnight!) I wouldn’t obsess over it, though; being in the same boat, I know that we apples look better with some weight on the bottom to stabilize our figure. I’ve rarely been able to wear anything that cuts me off at exactly the knee or wear things that emphasize the difference between my legs and my torso without looking wider.

    • I have this same triangular figure with more fullness in the hips. With this body type, a boot cut at the ankle helps to balance the body and the fullness in the hips. Skinny jeans aren’t the best choice as it can draw attention to the widest point of the body.

      On a related note, skinny jeans can be rather unhealthy as the tightness restricts healthy blood flow and contributes to varicose veins.


  5. I just recently started wearing skinny jeans…I was a little cautious at first because I can never find a pair of regular jeans to wear. I’m basically a different size everywhere, which is quite annoying.
    I say you still stick to your right fit flares until you find the perfect pair of skinnies. Why not do both?
    Good luck with your shopping πŸ™‚

  6. Personally, I HATE the skinny jean style. And, although I have no fashion sense at all, I don’t think they look good on anyone. I find it amusing when the pants are desperately clinging to the leg all the way down to a tiny ankle but then the foot sticks out huge with a big sneaker at the bottom (not to mention all the fabric bunched up on top of the shoe). It reminds me of when I used to watch Digimon and everyone had huge hands and feet. Not one to follow trends, I would recommend staying with the jeans you KNOW look good on you. Plus trying on pants might be one of the worst types of torture out there, and who wants to put themselves through that? Good luck!

  7. That’s funny because I have the opposite problem, I get what I call “gaposis” where the manufacturer thinks my waist should be wider to accommodate my big butt and hips so I have a big gap in the back around my waist. I’ve stayed away from the whole skinny jean thing knowing that they would make me look more poorly proportioned than I actually am. I just don’t think they are flattering on heavier women or even on close to normal proportioned women. The people who really seem to be able to pull them off are super skinny. This is one fad that I hope will pass quickly because this is one bandwagon I don’t want to jump on.

  8. I’d totally wear them…except that I’m all height (i’m 6′) and they don’t make skinny jeans long enough.

    I once went into NY & Co and the lady at the store told me they looked fine, especially since I’d be wearing boots (it was winter).

    It’s summer-time in Texas…and there’s no way I’d wear boots in this heat! Not to mention…high watering skinny jeans!

    : )

    hope you find a pair you like!


  9. I’ve tried on skinny jeans once or twice and I just don’t like the way they look on me. I may be able to pull them off if I got them without butt pockets and wear them more like a pair of denim leggings. I’d like to get a pair that fit nice and wear them with leg warmers and a long sweater in the winter, but I just haven’t found the right pair yet.

    My body type is tall and sort of lanky and since I’m skinny, people assume I would look good in skinny jeans, but I think they make me look lankier and more ridiculous. I’ve always preferred the bell bottoms and I’m sticking with them. I’ll probably find a decent pair of skinny jeans right after they go out of style. lol

  10. I think color and style also become a factor in whether skinny jeans work for someone. Like dark shades are more likely to have a slimming effect. In my opinion, not many people can pull off the skinny jeans look… it took me years to actually try on a pair (and I actually own a couple now that worked out) and ever since I’ve been much more fond of them.
    I say keep your eye open–you never know what you may find that could work for you! Try different brands, colors, and such… the skinny jeans might surprise you.
    But yay for fitting into an 18 when you’re normally a 22! =)

  11. Definitely go for the skinny jeans. Take a risk and do it πŸ™‚ I think you’ll look great, but when you buy skinny-ies you get what you pay for. I found the more expensive skinny-ies look better and quality wise too. I would Dare to continue to look and there are tons of good brands.
    xoxox angie

  12. Skinny jeans are one of those dangerous trends that have mainstreamed but don’t actually look good on everyone. That is not to say that it can’t look good on you. I know the first few times I tried them on I hated them. Then I found a pair that works for me and since have acquired several more.

    If you’re really interested in the trend then don’t be afraid to try on different styles of skinny jeans out there to see if you find a pair that works for you. There are some that are a hybrid of the legging-like skinny jeans and a pair of straight leg jeans which may work better because they have more weight to them.

    Just be honest with yourself in critiquing whether they work for you or not and don’t settle for anything less than a good fit. Also, when trying them on grab some shirts/dresses in the style you plan to wear with them to see how it works (which you’re probably already doing).

    The other thing that works well with skinny jeans and can help balance out proportions is getting a great pair of boots that you can wear over them. It may require as much hunting as finding that great fitting pair of skinny jeans, but the right pair of boots can made your legs look more in proportion to the rest of your shape when you have skinnier legs.

    That’s my two cents (or ten or fifty). Best of luck in your hunt! πŸ™‚

    • Another strategy for dressing a triangular body type with more fullness in the hips is wearing a longer jacket, vest, duster, tunic-length top that covers the fullest point of the body.

      At the end of the day, the clothing we wear affects the way we think, feel, act, and how others react to us. If it doesn’t look good and make you feel good, opt for something better.


  13. I find this article about skinny jeans interesting because of the fact that it’s written by a curvaceous person. I’m not skinny at all, but I rock the skinny jeans a lot cos; 1) it’s just everywhere and even Target has them so it takes me away from buying skinny jeans from some expensive chain stores; 2) I personally think they’re comfortable; and 3) I feel that other jean styles make me look bigger.

    I guess all it takes it patience to actually find the right brand and size of skinny jeans that you want to purchase and also taking note of your height. If you’re tall and curvaceous, wearing skinny jeans can be flattering. But if you’re kinda short and curvaceous, there are other options on how to get skinny jeans.

    I recently bought a pair of skinny jeans and since I’m short, I needed to get it altered to the right length. The only problem is, it ended up not being tapered to my ankles after being altered. So, I went back and “customised” my skinny jeans to make them “skinnier” at the ankles by cutting the inside part of the jeans and cutting out loose fabrics and re-stitching it to make it look skinnier. It worked!

    So I think you should definitely give skinny jeans a go!

    • I have to say I do like the skinnies, but it took me a while! Being pear shaped, I have dealt with the whole gap thing in the waist, to the point of having some things altered. I’m def the curvacious type, used to be a size 20, but got down to a 16. My skinnies are dark colored and I usually wear with about a 2 inch heel, my hubby likes how it looks and I actually have several compliments, which makes me feel good since I turn 45 this year!

      I will tell you, I splurged (for me anyway!) and bought a pair of Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. Oprah had showcased them before and I found a store that had them and went and tried on some. The ones I got were not skinny, but boot cut, fairly dark. The waist does go higher than most jeans of today, but part of that is due to the “lift and tuck” technology that these jeans have. I paid $90, and my husband loves them! I am just making sure I take care of them, and wash only occasionally and hang to dry to make last as long as possible!

      Just be sure to try on all different styles, you never know what might work, and if it takes having laterations done to make them fit right, then go for it!

  14. I agree completely!!!
    I have ample thighs and butt, but quite a skinny waist and tummy. When I get jeans to fit my legs and butt into, I get a massive overhanging waistline, where I have too reel in the belt to stop people looking down my jeans at my pants!!!

    People need to make jeans for real people!

    Have you ever looked into making your own jeans to fit perfectly?

  15. i’m also hesitant to try skinny jeans. i haven’t even tried for funsies in a dressing room (but that’s mostly due to fatigue and health problems). but i think for me it’s a comfort thing: i don’t like having my ankles constricted. and it stems from a deep-seated hatred of the tapered leg pants i wore as a child. we were poor, these pants mostly fit, but my ankles were never comfortable. and then luckily the 90s happened with the GINORMOUS wide leg skater jeans, and i was happy. damn i miss my jncos…

  16. I had to comment because I too have fallen in love with the skinny jean phase.

    I am half-Latin which makes for super curves. I am also super short, so I didn’t think that I could pull off skinny jeans – in fact when I saw my sister wearing them I was confident that only skinny long-legged females could do them justice.

    But I was wrong. I (opposite to you) have a very large rear-end and a small waist. My legs are thick and while I am short I am nowhere close to a size zero where most jeans think I am. There is usually about 6 inches between my waist and the pants (not really but it feels like it)!

    But I think finding jeans must be the bane of every woman’s – regardless of size.

    It took years to realize that only stretch jeans would cover me correctly, but they have to be a well made pair of stretchies otherwise they flatten my butt.

    So I was completely elated when I found a stretchy, comfy pair of Levi skinny jeans at Kohl’s one day. I didn’t know what to expect, but as I put them on the fabric felt so good that I was threatened to take them home no matter what – but they looked great. And fit well.

    I have now graduated to many other types of skinny jeans – but only buy the stretchy types.

    Don’t give up on trying to find a good pair – and check out Levis. It’s an old brand, but they still got it goin on;)

  17. Howdy!

    I had to weigh in on this! I’m not plus-size, but I am also an apple-shaped girl who does not have an apple bottom to fill out most pairs of jeans. I’ve discovered that the key to rocking the skinny jean is to find a pair that has a good elastic waist with some give.

    This way they come up pretty far to cover the muffin top. And if they are a bit bigger in the waist, just add a belt. Also, make sure to wear a longer shirt. That’s really the key to disguising the fact that the skinny jeans will make you look a little wider. I usually go for a shirt in a flowier fabric that covers my butt midway.

    The cool thing about having this apple figure is that we have long legs that look great when we rock the skinny jeans! We can do heels, flats, or flip-flops and still look great!

  18. LOL. I’m sorta shaped like you. I think they make me look very different looking too, for lack of a better word. Skinny jeans aren’t for everyone, but I think they are super cute on the right body type πŸ™‚

  19. I’d like to see the skinny jeans fad fade away actually. even my kids will give someone a sideways glance when someone walks by them with them on. I am guessing its a culture thing. I’d rather have some relaxed fit jeans on than some jeans that look and feel painted on.

  20. I’m a size 2 and if I wear my skinny jeans with the wrong shirt, I look WAY wider than I actually am. I’ve found that putting the right T-shirt/button down that falls over my hips makes that not a problem.

    But I digress, I often feel like skinny jeans are bad news bears for everyone. It doesn’t stop me from trying though because how stinken cute do they look with the right pair of boots?

    Good Luck! πŸ™‚

    I’m sure none of this was helpful…and for that I’m sorry. Peace!

  21. i just stumbled upon your blog…and read this and have to say that skinny jeans are by far the farthest cry from making anyone feel skinny but really skinny people. They are cute on many women/girls….but i however never try them on basically because they look like a workout just to get them on. I say wear what you feel good in confident in and steer clear from the clothes that will ever make you feel bad about yourself or are uncomfortable. You might have to find your own version of skinny jeans. Old Navy Diva jeans are great and they are not necessarily skinny jeans but have a more fitted leg. Sassoon Jeans from Walmart makes a great jean and they are a straight leg and although not tapered at the ankle are not flared either. I think a certain element of style/fashion is necessary but you should always feel comfortable. I think the worst thing in the world is sacrificing comfort to look cute.. hope this helps.. i will check out the rest of your blog. -Deanna Diliberto-Cordell

  22. My body type is almost like yours but I’m more of a pear shape. It’s always so frustrating trying to find pants that work with me and not against me. I think some people can pull it off because of their proportions but having big calves muscles don’t help with the proportions. >.< Either way I won't be sporting skinnies anytime soon as it just makes me look even chubbier than I actually am.
    Thanks for the post!

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  24. I, too, fell prey to how great skinny jeans look on some people. I tried on two pair and they looked like crap, so I gave up. I would rather just wear jeans I’m already comfortable with than go through the heartache of trying to find just the “right” pair in a particular style. For me, at least, finding a pair of jeans that fit right and make me happy is as difficult as finding a bra that does so.

  25. Abandon the skinny jean idea NOW! Anyone that wears anything above a 12…forget it! I’m a 14 and won’t even go there because of the mere fact of proportion. I am an artist so I see things as a whole. When you look at yourself from the waist down there should be a nice line on the outside of your pant leg, a straight drop. If it comes into a tiny ankle holding this big stuff on top that looks out of balance. It’s all about a balanced silhouette.

    Stick to something that fits your particular frame. Just yesterday I found a jean at the Gap that fits me to a T. It’s the 1969 “Easy Straight” jean, I too have a round mid-section!

    I cannot believe so many women don’t bother to fit themselves in jeans, but instead try to “fit” into whats hot in fashion….ugh!

  26. i also love the right fits at LB, and am also a yellow. i finally found a pair of skinny jeans that i like, and look pretty dang good on my butt. you can find them at JCPenny, in the plus department. the brand is Ana. granted, they are more jeggings than jeans, but the stretch in the fabric is what relieves wattle butt. they are comfy, but look stylish, and i wear them all the time!
    hope you find your right pair, too.

  27. I’m sure you probably noticed that fashion trends are just following a loop. Old trends become suddenly fad and next thing you know its tomorrow’s fashion but don’t be dismayed after a few months it will go back in fashion again, but one thing’s for sure whether it is in or not I love skinny jeans and that’s it.

  28. I can’t STAND skinny jeans. If you have any kind of hips at all, they make you look disproportionate. The only people they look ok on are thin, stick-shaped women who wear a size zero. I will be SO glad when this trend passes. I miss wide-leg jeans.

  29. I wear jeans on days I don’t work and after work. It is hard to find a pair that really fit nicely. I wear Gloria Vanderbilt jeans for that reason. They are alway comfortable. It is time to buy more, and I have no ideas. I saw some fantastic ones at work that were striped green,yellow and black. Doesn’t sound good, but they looked nice. I meant to ask the lady where she shops. Those looked comfortable also.

  30. I have the opposite problem. My quads are pretty big so jeans are always too tight in the thighs and the waist is too big, causing a constant state of “plumber’s butt”, even with a belt. I never bothered to try on a pair of skinny jeans because I know that I need jeans that have enough flare at the bottom to balance bigger thighs.

    I found this website that takes your waist, hip and thigh measurements and recommends jeans that will fit you well, if you don’t mind dropping a lot of money on a pair. http://www.mytruefit.com/jeans/

  31. I’m a fan of the skinny jean, and have a few pairs. But I uunderstand where your coming from. I have a step-mother who has a similar shape as you and when I go shopping, i have to help her out. I found that your best bet is with the flares. I don’t think that your gunna find one that will fit the way your comfortable with. I hope I’m not sounding too blunt. I have things that don’t fit my shape as well, actually thethings that work for you dosn’t for me. Find another trend that might actually last longer than the “skinny jean” trend. Good Luck:).


  32. Thanks so much for what you’ve written here. “Wattle butt” drives me absolutely insane! I have the same figure type as you, and it drives me crazy, that assumption that a girl with a belly is going to be big everywhere.

    My personal feeling? I’m biased. Flares are my life. I don’t have any desire to wear skinny jeans; not only are they too faddish, but to my mind they also look really weird, even on girls who have “the body”. (Y’know, the one that society tells us we’re supposed to have before we even think about skinny jeans?) It just calls to mind aliens on stilts for some reason. But that’s just me.

  33. I’m not much for following fashions and trends, but I love my skinny jeans.

    Although I am not skinny, a 15, I am blessed with some crazy long legs and a nice enough bum so they don’t look too bad. Or so I’ve been told. But my love is based more on the practical, I live in a place where we’ve got rain most of the year. Flares always get wet and wick water, my skinny jeans have no such problem. They fit nicely into any pair of boots. And they can substitute for leggings under some of my dresses that are a wee bit too short for my modesty.

    But finding the skinny jean that worked for me was a lot of work, and I own a few pairs of failures that just sit in my drawer. Trends loop, so my goal is to simply find things that fit me nicely and look good to my aesthetic. If I’m behind the trend oh well, and if I got it before it comes back in then hey, I’m the trend setter.

  34. I have to admit….I live in my skinny jeans.
    I never thought I’d be interested, having been a bootcut girl for my enitre life until 2 years ago.
    I bought my first pair, and being somewhat long in the leg, I savoured them as they were the holy grail of 36 inch inside leg! I’m a UK 12 and I feel so comfortable in them.
    I’ll admit I’m tall and long, but I am also in possession of one rather large behind.
    But I love that my skinny jeans accentuate that shape and show it off. I love being able to tuck my knee boots over my jeans without all those extra creases and folds of denim. And to be honest I love celebrating how long my bloody legs are!

    They are a bugger to get into after swimming or when it’s hot, or like all jeans, when they’ve been washed, but for me, it’s worth it.

    Go try some on in a changing room, spend 30 minutes in there if you must. I spend hours in changing rooms. My torso is long as well as my legs, so I can’t really wear any short, cute dresses without my arse hanging out, so I spend DAYS in changing rooms working out if dresses are too short or perfect.

    If you don’t feel right in them, they probably aren’t for you. Fashion is sensory, you know when it’s right, you can just feel it.

  35. I love skinny jeans, but I’ve always had problems with my calves. They are big, and I have muscle there, so they are always too tight from the knees down. I love that other people have issues with them too, because they’re so hip.

    Recently, I’ve switched over to buying straight leg jeans, because, among other reasons, I can fit long underwear underneath, I’m not peeling them on and off on a hot day or after I’ve showered, and boots still fit over straight leg.

    Even at 20, my mom still expresses her dislike of my jeans every time I see her. She is constantly saying “They are so unflattering!” Perhaps she is right, and in a few years time, I will see that in retrospect.

  36. Hey Chrissy

    I’m a big fan of skinny jeans, but no matter what you’re size, they are hard to pull off. Here’s my take: wear them with an involved, gladiator type or shoe with some kind of ruching or slouch effect.

    However, if you’ve tried it all, and it’s just not working for you, don’t do it! After all, empire waist is a disaster on me. πŸ™‚


  37. i like your post, and i like your honestly and humor. afterall, if we can’t be honest to ourselves…

    there are so many styles that are awesome and appealing but that doesn’t make them customized for us! have you seen those sandals lately that are really heavy round the ankles and then just have a single thong strap to the toes?


    well, they really are cute, but on a girl like me (5’3 3/4″) they cut the leg off making me look even shorter. it does nothing for lengthening the leg whatsoever….yet still widely popular.

    so even though something rocks the fashion mags, its always best to know yourself and know what rocks on you πŸ™‚

  38. I love skinnies and straight-legs. I came of age in the 80s, when jeans were shaped like actual human legs. The only thing I still dislike is the low rise. For me, waist of pants = waist of body.

  39. I’m not a fashion expert by any means, but I am a female connoisseur. Given that, I can tell you that from the general male perspective, skinny jeans are NOT hot on bigger women. This isn’t to say that any of you specifically are bigger, but..if you happen to be, and you know what “bigger” constitutes…lose the skinny jeans. They make you look like Danny DeVito as The Penguin in the original Batman movie. Google pictures; it’s unflattering.

    However, if you have a petite or skinny shape, continue the skinny jean trend- I love them. I read Esquire as well, and I could care less what they’ve stated about them, whether they’re still “in” or not. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken, right? The skinny jeans trend is not yet broken.

  40. I’m a size 26/28 in pants. By that alone, I should stay away from skinny jeans. I tried on a pair at Avenue and the first thing I felt was, “man, these suckers are really binding my ankles.” I didn’t buy them because I felt like a sausage casing, ha!

    Around my neck of the woods, the dark wash, flared jeans are the choice for big girls, especially those with huge thighs like myself. I’ve only seen really skinny girls wear skinny jeans but I do think us plus-sized can pull of the look too. Actually, I’ve seen more guys wear them around here, especially the skater boys.

    Like you, I love my LB Right Fits (give it up for red!) and I have two pair from Fashion Bug that are nice too. I think I’ll just stick with those.

  41. stick with what looks good on you…! but also, maybe try the jeggings? like jeans but forgiving material as it’s really legging material.

    i found a pair of slim jeans – not skinny in a material that has a LOT of stretch. so they are not super skinny at the bottom but more straight.

    • One other thing is that is important. If you tend to have the awful cellulite (here, here!) and you choose to wear skinnies or even any more snug bottoms, be sure it is a dark color. The lighter colors tend to highligh every little bump and lump, whereas the darker hides it.

      I know last winter, I had a pair of winter white slacks, but had to get a major pair of spanx type undergarment to hold all those little bumps in!

  42. Well hello!

    I was hesitant to jump on the skinnies trend as well — I’m about 5’3 and a size 12. I have a little bit of a tummy but a pretty big booty and thighs. I have to say that Joes Jeans makes a great skinny jean in stretch, a bit pricey but look great on!

    I agree with those above that said the stretch makes all the difference, as well as making sure there is enough room for the ass (if yours is big like mine. lol.)

    good luck and keep looking! You’ll find one.


  43. I have a fit issue too when it comes to skinny jeans except my problem goes in the opposite direction. I am very tiny (100 lbs.) and because of that I have tiny features when it comes to legs, butt, etc. I am, by no means, short though. I love my body but when I try to find skinny jeans, the butt and legs never fit! I am in size zero, yet they STILL don’t fit! It frustrates me because I know I am not the only girl who is tiny. I have had to use legging jeans instead of regular ones and I have yet to find a pair of “jeggings” that keep their shape for more than a few hours. Oh well…maybe I’ll find something out there one day and if I do, I’m buying numerous pairs of them!

  44. Skinny jeans are something that I don’t even kid myself that I can A) fit in B) look good in and C) fit over my hips. Jeans are kinda like swim suits for me, my thighs are bigger so skinny jeans wouldn’t look too skinny on me. I also don’t like low riser jeans either. I feel your pain, I still haven’t found a really good pair of jeans yet.

  45. and I thought that I was the only one- LOL
    I have a big butt… and not so thin legs– the only denim that I can slip into is Lycra blended- why does that happen with some women??

  46. Your post is very nice. I have got also problem with skinny jeans and proportions. I am slavic girl with wide hips and bigger muscles on my femurs. I love skinny, but they just donΒ΄t fit me.

    Wear what you like. IΒ΄ve bought pair of bell bottom jeans and other girls laugh at me. I donΒ΄t care, I feel good.

    Good luck! Keep searching for good pants πŸ˜‰

  47. I will not wear them. Mostly because I see teenage emo skater dudes where them with shoestrings as their belt. Therefore a 28 year old woman does need and can definitely live without a) feeling like a heifer and b) frog butt syndrome.

  48. I. Hate. Skinny Jeans. On everyone. Even celebrities!

    Seriously. A skinny person in skinny jeans looks anorexic, and a fat person in skinny jeans looks like that apple-on-chopsticks description you gave. And an average person looks like a lightbulb from the waist down. I’ve never tried a pair on because I’ve seen what it does to everyone else. It’s not just you, trust me. NO ONE looks good in them, so please abstain.

    • I’ve actually tired a couple of legging jeans, but I’m not sure how I feel about them. They sometimes look terrible (they don’t give enough support at the waistband), and other times they just look like all other leggings. The jury is still out on those.

  49. I am an older woman who has always preferred jeans with a slim leg/narrow ankle, regardless of the style. I have always had a big belly in proportion to my size, & in aging & going through menopause, have morphed from an hourglass to an apple. I also have slim legs in proportion to my size. Most of the jeans I own now are what I used to call the classic jeans style, but which is now called skinny, &, for ME, I love them. I wear only stretch jeans, have for many years, & buy the size I really need, so they are not uncomfortable on me. I have a pair of the original yellow Rightfit jeans with the narrow ankle & I love those too. I have been buying most of my jeans from Torrid or Baby Phat lately.

    I have also discovered & fallen in love with jeggings, which for me combine the best of jeans & leggings, look tight, but feel very comfortable. I have a pair of Levi’s leggings, which actually have a button & zipper, & recently bought a pair of Levi’s 512’s, with straight legs & the tummy slimming panel. They are nice jeans, but the leg opening is a bit wide for my taste. I live in jeans, & I will always wear that I like, regardless of fashion trends, as long as I can find them. I HATE bootcut or wideleg jeans of any kind.

  50. I think you should continue looking ; who knows, your perfect pair might be hanging on a rack somewhere, waiting for the right owner πŸ™‚
    Awesome writing! πŸ™‚

  51. Skinny jeans don’t work with a booty. I consider myself fit and trim, but I’ve never found a pair of skinny jeans that were nice to me. I’m blaming it on the junk in the trunk! πŸ™‚

  52. I’m happy that boyfriend jeans are getting more popular. It’s time to give the skinnies a rest and our legs a breath!

  53. skinny jeans are a must here in Sweden. That and leggings. It’s quite practical really. We wear boots 9 months out of the year, we need pants that can fit inside them. Pair it with a lose tunic type top, a fitted, cropped leather jacket, and a scarf and you are good to go.

  54. The only “women” I’ve seen wear skinny jeans successfully are those in the 20s-30s range who are small and elfin, more like woodland creatures than grown women. By “success” I mean that the jeans make them look young and school girlish and vulnerable and I guess that’s the point. I’m tall and slim, but by no means waif-life. More important than the skinny jean issue: Why do so many full-sized men prefer the woodland creature, waif, skinny-jean wearing girl-woman? I don’t get it. And it’s not just me. I commiserate all the time with my friends of all body types safe the waif. I think skinny jeans are uncomfortable and unflattering for just about everyone.

  55. I have a pretty big butt and I only wear skinny jeans so I definitely don’t agree that if you have “junk in the trunk” than you can’t wear skinny jeans.

    We at Eat A Cheeseburger have actually had a pretty lively discussion about this topic. Check out our post “Too Fat For Skinny Jeans?”

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  57. Have you tried Fashion Bug? They have the same parent company as Lane Bryant, and they also sell Right Fit. They’ll also have lots of plus-sized skinny-jeans. Or at least, they did when I worked there last year. Maybe all the skinnys will be on clearance by now, which will be just another plus.

  58. Have you tried cuffing the bottoms of the legs? I’m not a real big girl, but I’m definitely not petite either. I’m a busty, curvy size 8 at best. I was cautious about the skinny jean trend too. I loved the look but wondered if my curvy hips and thighs would look too “poured in”. I found a pair that I felt pretty confident in (standing *inside* the dressing room anyway :P). I walked around in them, struck a couple poses… but then I tried cuffing the hems about two inches and it made such a difference in the way they made my legs look! If the jeans are too tight around the ankles it will make your legs look like drumsticks (it did to me anyway). However, cuffing the ankles makes them look a little wider-cut than they actually are and it makes your form look more streamlined than poured-in. Give it a shot… and remember, if you think you look great in them other people will see your confidence! πŸ™‚

  59. Get over the Fear! Skinny jean doesn’t mean you have to be Skinny to wear them! Does your body Fit and flare? Do you have to have a bell bottom to wear bell bottoms? Depending on the shoe and top you choose it can actually be quite slimming! If you don’t hurry and dive into the trend now then wait because there is always a new trend around the corner that will embrace your curvy sexy self!

  60. I sympathise with you on loving a look…just not on yourself. If you didn’t like what you saw when ou tried them on, chances are it’s not a good idea.

    There’s no point buying a pair if you end up feeling awkward or uncertain in them all the time- if the skinny jean is meant to be sexy, there’s nothing less sexy than self-consciousness.

  61. Hey,
    It was nice reading your confession about fitting into a certain type of ‘Jeans’…
    I have had a bit of a different problem…I have huge buttocks and bit of thighs…Most of my jeans fail to go up my butt and I have to jump, sqeeze in my ass and lift it up….lol….such a pain….I like the skinny jeans that “Pepe Jeans” produced..They could fit into my voluptuous Indian body…..
    Now, I have put on weight and I can’t fit into my skinny’s…Thats the agony of skinny jeans, you got to be fit all the time and have to maintain the same figure you had when you bought them…
    Its a weird connection or bond every woman shares with her clothes…Its an obsession…Shopping is a big time obsession…
    I would just add that , ‘You can make your fashion statement. As long as you where what you are comfortable in and you carry it off with confidence and ease, you’ll look like a smart, fashionable and confident woman”…

  62. I, too, have mostly given up on skinny jeans. I have wide hips, a small waist, and long legs, so usually because of the way they’re cut skinnies don’t make it up my legs very far. If they do, they end up being uncomfortable and gaping in the waist. However, I’ve found that Gap Real Straight jeans fit nicely and are flattering to boot! πŸ™‚

  63. Hmmm…I wear my skinny jeans like other people wear leggings; with boots and a top that sits well down on my hips, possibly covering my butt. I do this because I feel a bit like mutton dressed as lamb when I wear leggings so the skinnies fix the problem for me. Maybe with your apple shape a similar concept would work?

  64. I’m apple shaped as well! I do wear skinny jeans though. I’ve had the most luck with “Source of Wisdom” jeans from Torrid. They stretch a bit so its snug on my legs but fits my pot belly lol As for looking wider, I try to pair skinny jeans with a longer top and a belt cinched under my bust (thinnest part of me)
    Big girls unite!

    I did a blog about the ‘controversial’ Lane Bryant commercial a little while back, check it out. My blog is always for the thick ladies!


  65. Great blog but don’t do it! I wish this trend would go away already. It is hard enough to find a regular pair to fit our bodies. I just recently ranted on my blog about skinny jeans as well, but not quite as detailed as yours. I don’t know if you had heard, but they can cause nerve damage because of how tight they are. There actually are people that look decent in them but uncomfortable at the same time. So if you need a reason NOT to try these jeans, Nerve Damage. πŸ™‚

  66. I personally love skinny jeans… I have an odd body shape. Kind of short, with a short torso, legs, and arms. But my legs are muscular and I don’t know why, but it’s the only jean that works on me! American Eagle has the best in my opinion. Maybe you should check those out?

    Great blog, by the way!

  67. i’m in the same boat. they look great on lots of girls – and guys.

    i’m, however, thin with 40-inch hips and muscular thighs.

    skinny jeans and were i not meant to be. they make me look awful.

    i’m ok with this. thank god for BKE and guess.

  68. I’ll wear them under longer shirts, legging-style, but most time I’ll opt for flared jeans (I’m short, so they’re more figure flattering).

  69. I am big all over (butt, thighs, hips, tummy) and I wear so-called skinny jeans with glee. Basically I don’t wear them super tight and all they are is fitted to the ankle. I love them and whenever I wear them people say they like my outfit. I feel good in them and I refuse to feed into the ‘fat chicks shouldnt wear skinny jeans’ crap. That said, if you don’t feel comfortable in them, don’t wear them. I don’t care for what is ‘fashionable’, I wear what I like and what I feel good in.

  70. I spotted your blog on the WordPress homepage and was intrigued by your post. However, I figured it would be something written by some skinny girl who can actually wear skinny jeans. I clicked on this post anyway, and behold: I found a new blog to subscribe to, an interesting post, and someone to connect with. I myself am a plus-size woman with interest in skinny jeans, but having never found any in my size I give up easily. Thank you for writing this. I do not have any help for you, but you have definitely shown me I am not alone in the constant endeavor to find that perfect fitting skinny jean…or simply any jean that fits just right. I will check out Lane Bryant’s Right Fit, as you convinced me they just might work. Thanks again!

  71. Yeah skinny Jeans are out, but guess what, thats when style comes in for me. I hate wearing something when everybody else is wearing it, so my suggestion, continue looking there is one for you out there love…so dont give up.

    I have a pair, the only pair i ever bought, a sexy black one and guess what, i only wore it once. Why? it’s can’t fit any more. I have skinny arms but broad hips and thick thighs, oh and i almost forgot, the bulging belly…yeah. and i have put on weight since last december when i bought and wore my skinny jeans. and when i put weight on, its in the belly, and the thighs. Maybe one day they will fit again.

    But i love to see women in them, fat and skinny doesnt matter, so go get yourself, the pair that suits you and work it, be fierce!!!

  72. Look at all the Chrissy love!!!

    I had skinnies that I liked, but then I lost weight and apparently it was in the wrong parts! They don’t fit anymore, but my mom stole them. Talk about the new mom jean!

  73. Reading your post and all the comments, I can’t help but wish fashion designers were reading along too. So many of us women are having hard times finding clothes that fit! I too have body parts with different sizes, my hips/thighs are much bigger than my waist (yep, I’m a Red at LB) so I get the gap at the waist, and also sometimes the butt flap. I also am 2 sizes smaller on top, so dress shopping is a nightmare. Why don’t they create clothes for real people? Obviously they can’t fit us all…but are they really trying? Good luck with the skinny jeans. My short legs (and huge thighs) can’t pull them off, but as a plus-sized girl, I wish you well.

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  75. Great blog and congrats on being freshly pressed. Five years ago, I wished skinny jeans would go away and they still haven’t. I think they will be soon though with the boyfriend jeans thing. I live in a neighborhood with a lot of hipsters who all wear skinny jeans, Chucks, plaid shirts, and thick framed glasses. Oh, they all ride fixies too. My problem and question always has been where is the individuality? They all look the same and it’s boring. Personally, I have one pair of Levi’s skinny jeans and I only wear them with boots and a long shirt in the winter. I refuse to wear them without boots, because it is dorky to have my feet just sticking it out at the end. I also wear a long shirt, because I workout and have a nice butt and thighs. I feel like skinny jeans and said fashion encourages people to be sickly skinny, rather than healthy. I mostly dress like a hippie, but I dress in whatever flatters my figure, not what the trend is.

  76. Skinny jeans are for skinny people as far as i’m concerned. i’m hippy and have a tummy so i look like a house in them, give me a good straight leg or boot cut any day (as long as i can find my size)

  77. Oh this made me laugh. My apple shape is so bad I can’t even wear Lane Bryant right fit jeans. If having a concave shaped butt is possible then I have it. I too am a fashion lover but have given up on the dream of ever wearing skinny jeans. They’re just not made for women like us. It’s like a tube of toothpaste, we squeeze right out. But if you actually find a pair that fits then that will be a great day for apple shaped, fashion trend following women everywhere.

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  79. Oh My Goodness. I thought it was only me. I love your post and that you’re putting your Jiggly Bits out there. I, too, know the perils of skinny jean shopping. At the risk of looking like I’m trying to hock my blog on your page, I’d like to share with you my own foray into writing about the horror known only as skinny jeans. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed, too!

  80. I way prefer leggings to skinny jeans. Fit your body right where you want them to. Only problem is you can never wear t-shirts with them!
    There are skinnies that will fit any body shape though! I’m not skinny (size 12 Australian), but I find skinny jeans that fit me perfectly at the waist and fit my leg. Sometimes they can get loose though…best thing to do is possibly shop at some higher end stores (ie. Calvin Klein Jeans) as I find their jeans are tailored better.

  81. I like, only wear skinny jeans.
    However, I am a re-covering anorexic 16 year old girl.
    They make me feel pretty though.
    I love my 5 pairs of skinny jeans πŸ˜€
    You can never have too many feel-good jeans!
    However, when I shop with my friends, they hate skinny jeans, so I guess it’s a personal opinion as to whether you feel comfortable enough to put yourself out there in skinny jeans.
    What’s NOT okay, is jights-jean tights.
    Don’t go there.
    Just don’t.
    Good luck with the jeans guys (:

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  83. Well, never fear as fashion is fickle so skinnies are now out. The super trouser is now in. These are trousers that lengthen the leg, make you stand up tall and generally make you feel damn good. And the best news is that they are super easy to wear! For all shapes!

    Ideally, they should be mid to high waisted (so no more flashing your knick-knacks) with a slim thigh and gently tapering flare from the knee. Just think of the wonderful Yves Saint Laurent Le Smoking look. It’s sophisticated yet approachable – for the shorties among us (me included), most shops stock petite sizes or if you are feeling crafty, you can buy regular and take them up as they shouldn’t be too short. They should just hover over the ground (this is one trick for making your legs look longer). Top them off with a skinny belt and you’re good to go.

    They can also be dressed down for day with a simple jumper or shirt and plain pumps, and jazzed up for evening with a sparkly top, tailored blazer and kick-ass shoes. Finally, a fashion trend that we can all wear!

  84. There’s no way I’m showing this blog to my girlfriend – she’s just given up smoking (well done babz!) and for her uphill struggle she’s being rewarded by gaining a few pounds on the waistline. One whole wall of her wardrobe is stacked with skinny jeans and ‘skinny’ tee-shirts that she struggles to get into and I’m worried that the nicotine-equals-slim option is going to win here over.

  85. Well, I’ve gotta say that based on the pic at the top, I definitely do not like skinny jeans. Great post, though. I have the same problem. Everything in the stomach, with skinnier legs. Never can get jeans to fit right… except for those LB Right Fit Jeans. Not sure I’d be able to breath in skinny jeans.

  86. Well, If you’re over weight there’s pretty much no point in going for the skinny jeans fad. It’s so difficult to find any nice clothing at all if you’re over a size 12, I find. Everything is tailored to be totally cute if you happen to be a size 10 or under but once you’re at that certain threshold it’s like the manufacturers just gave up and the clothing all looks sort of banal without nice detailing. I’m talking size 14 people (UK and CAN sizing), which isn’t exactly huge either.

  87. This entire discussion about skinny jeans confuses me. On one side, it’s “no one should wear them unless your body is PERFECT” and then other people are “I think they’re okay for you but ew ew ew they look stupid on everyone” and then there’s a great big Body Hate BBQ and I have to go lie down and put a cold cloth over my eyes.

    Perhaps I’m not actually understanding what “skinny jeans” ARE. I was under the impression that they’re… jeans… that are more closely fitted? I kinda appreciate jeans that are closely fitted. I’m about a size 18 right now, and I think I’d be best described as “potato shaped”, with no particular part of my body being any curvier or more aggressively prominent than the others. And I’ve tried on things labeled as “skinny jeans” and they were RIGHT FREAKIN’ AWESOME, I tell you what. A nice change of pace from the usual parade of size 18 “huge-ass pantleg that completely consumes your feet and makes you look like you’re hovering” BS that I’ve had access to. (My legs are short. But every pair of “petite” pants I’ve seen as of late have huge feet-devouring cuffs.) If I wear these things, it makes me look like I HAVE FEET. I think I look awesome. Sure, they conceal nothing… but I have nothing to conceal, far as I’m concerned. Screw “flattering”. That’s just a code word for “pretend you are not fat”. I see no use in hiding the plainly obvious.

    To be fashionable, to really have a self-derived sense of fashion, one has to be unafraid of looking different. Or interesting, as I like to think of it. All you people out there that actually like how skinny jeans look on you? WEAR ‘EM! Go for it! Rock it out! Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. The world is a better, funner place when people dress as they please.

  88. Go ahead, girl… go for it! Sometimes I think we are too self-critical…if you like it- and you like the way it feels on you…work it, girl!

  89. I love skinny jeans! I have long legs and am top heavy so they work for me…but I’m also slightly curvy around the hips. So when I’m in doubt I just wear a shirt that hits mid butt or mid thigh, not too tight, or if you wear a long skinny shirt that you can bunch up around the waist area. Wear with flat sandals or low heels. Once you get past a certain size, it’s hard to pull them off in high heels. As long as you get the right size in all your clothes you’ll fine! Like having a too tight bra strap or band or a panty line that you can see the shape outline under clothing instantly adds pounds. Go for darker shades including black and ones that are slightly long for a leaner look. Not all your jeans have to be skinny, but you should definitely not give up on your hunt for a pair that you like.

  90. as a student in highschool, the skinny jean trend has been spreading like a wildfire. I love fashion as well, and i do admit, i have a few pairs of these jeans, but I honestly hate them so much. there is no use for jeans that make your hips and bug look 1000000 times bigger than they were before.
    since im obessed with the fashion world and hope one day to have a line of my own, i know how important these jeans are to have in a persons closet. but what i hate most about these jeans is when people wear the neon color ones. please dont even look at them. not only are they completly strange, but they bring attention to the areas you hate most.
    dont give up looking for the right pair. dark denim and the ripped denim will work best for giving a slimer figure, and they give you the room to move.
    as much as i hate them, i love them at the same time. dress them up with heals, and your ready to go. keep searching and find that perfect pair πŸ™‚

    • Neon skinny jeans?! πŸ˜€ I think my heart did a little pitter-pat at the very CONCEPT of neon skinny jeans. I’d buy a pair, I would! And I’d revel in showing off the areas they show off. (What’s to hate about hips? I love my hips. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with prominent hips, sez I.)

      I’m pretty sure they don’t make neon skinny jeans in a size 18, though. Foo.

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  92. im a similar body type and i must say…i can pull off a skinny jean haha. And because of my shape i dont think i could ever wear a pair of flared jeans again because they just accentuate my size. I think if you know how to work it with your shape it can be pulled off quite well. For me i pair them with like really loose flowy or over sized tops. Because of my skinny legs and arms it makes my torso look a lot slimmer. So I would give it a shot. Its always worth it because they can go…ANYWHERE. You cant go wrong with a nice skinny jean in your closet πŸ™‚
    Hope this helps!

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  94. I like the skinny jean topic.
    Why don’t you try Jeggings? They don’t sag on the butt area and they’ll be tight on the legs as well. I recommend those with a flowy shirt (but not a lazy shirt), for this body type.

  95. Wonderful post. I personally hate skinny jeans because I’m well, not an apple, nor a pear, but I’m curvier than most girls (I’m an 8 or 9) and skinny jeans just make my thighs look enormous. I’m glad there’s someone out there who has difficulties with finding the skinny style that fits. Good luck on your endeavors! I personally think that you should not wear the skinny jeans, and instead try boyfriend jeans. I just bought a pair a week ago and I live in them. They’re wonderfully forgiving. But they might be too baggy on you, I don’t know…:/ Just try them on and you’ll see!

  96. I’m a size 10, but I’m short and I have a wide butt and hips, small waist, and big thighs. When skinny jeans first came out, I was really excited. They came in purples and greens and yellows, and I went nuts for them. In my closet, I have two pairs of purple, a hot pink, a black leopard print, a blue-and-hot-pink zebra prnt, and a classis blue denim. I wore each a few times back in fall. But I found them to be extremely uncomfortable. Sure, they looked cute, but they bunched at the ankles because of my height, and they were too low cut so that my sizable butt was always hanging out. They were too tight in the thighs. And if I went up a size for comfort, you get that, uh… “wattle butt.”

    My solution to this problem?

    Buy leggings that look like jeans. Cotton is softer, leggings cover more of your butt and conform to the body. And it is just soooo much more comfortable!

  97. I’ll never forget the time skinny jeans came up in conversation before class, and a friend said “Why would I do that to myself? I’m a big woman, and I don’t really want my legs to look like ice cream cones!” Everyone laughed appreciatively.

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  99. Ack! skinny jeans? I get claustrophobic just thinking about wearing them. I like loose clothes that don’t bind in any way. If I had the nerve, I’d wear moo-moos every day!

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  102. Horrible silhouette on me! They make me feel like that yellow, blobby “Time for Timer” guy from ABC morning cartoons – like I’m telling everyone I’ve hankered for too many hunks of cheese. Seriously, it’s like “Look! A wagon wheel!”

    And here’s the interesting part: I am 5’3″, 112 pounds – usually a 0 or 2 at national stores like Banana Republic or Ann Taylor and an M or L in Juicy (ugh.) My jeans waist size is 25 to 26. I’m a little flabby, but most folks think of me as a smaller person.

    Some might assume skinny jeans would work on me. Nope. Total Popsicle/Time for Timer. Skinny-cut pants look like crap on me. So I have to convince myself that it’s about proportion in order to keep this fashion trend from depressing me. I’d have to wear a huge shirt that covers my butt and upper thighs to get away with it – and then I’d just look like some 80s re-hash.

  103. I came across this page because I was having a discussion with some women about how stupid skinny jeans look, and how they’re like the perfect garment to wear to ruin a good body… so no, I don’t think you should buy any or get into the trend. In fact, you probably only think, on a subliminal level, that your friends look good in skinny jeans because you are their friend… otherwise you’d also see such clothing does them no favors either. If women want to show the shape of their body, go buy leather trousers, or latex, or rubber, or something… not skinny jeans. Silly trend and I’m glad its already ‘out of fashion’, allegedly.

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  105. It seems to me that skinny jeans only fit one body type correctly; women with giant butts and toothpick legs. From the POV of a male, if you can actually fit into skinny jeans without cutting off circulation you should probably be wearing a long dress and not pants to begin with.

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