Big Sales!

I opened my inbox this morning to see two emails from Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug advertising some big sales they have going on! Lane Bryant’s Right Fit Jeans (which I mentioned as my savior last week) are on sale for $24.99, and they are having their big summer sale! Fashion Bug has 30% off everything online. Need to stock up? Now’s the time to do it!

Anybody know of any other big Plus Size Fashion sales? My clothes shopping has always been limited to a few stores, so I’d love the chance to try somewhere new. Let me know in the Comments!

(And sorry things have been light on the blog. I’m currently moving out of my summer sublet, and real life has been getting in the way.)


3 thoughts on “Big Sales!

  1. I went to AVENUE on Monday and they have select items for 30-40-50% off right now. I scored a button up shirt (40% off), work capri’s (50% off) and some Cloudwalkers flats (not on sale) for $40 total. I felt pretty good about that.

  2. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale… in stores and on line! The Plus Shop on line is a great place to go to get the entire overview…a one stop shop!

    There is a lot of great new fall fashions on sale! The prices go back up on Monday, August 2nd.

    Happy Shopping!!

  3. Ooh, thanks for the heads-up!

    Did you find anything on the LB site that lists *which* Right Fit styles are on sale? I’m seeing them all listed as regular price, and the ones I tried to order (the tweed slacks) had a “this promotion code doesn’t apply to your order” error.

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