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I stumbled across the Fat Acceptance Movement in early March 2008 and have since literally dunked myself in it. I am learning to accept myself, and am working on making myself healthier. I hope this blog will be a good outlet for me to not only track my progression through this movement, and document my discoveries and feelings, but also will open the eyes of those who read it. Whether or not anyone reads it…well that’s a different story.

I have a BA in Political Science from Kalamazoo College and will be attending George Mason University, starting in Fall 2010 to get my MFA in Creative Writing. I am an avid pursuer of social justice, and a writer of nonfiction, poetry, plays and screenplays. I enjoy documentary filmmaking and video editing. My favorite book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (ah, childhood), and I enjoy cutesy words with double letters (bubbles, puppies, muffins, etc). Beyond that, I’m a gal who loves to laugh and spend time with friends.


15 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Major props to you and this blog!! I come from a larger than average family and have been tired with society’s obsession with being thin. It is time for people to accept the new standard.

  2. Great blog! My wife is curvy, and sometimes becomes obsessed with losing weight, and it makes me crazy – I think she’s perfect.

    I’m skinny, always have been, and have had a complex about it for years. In high school and college, I worked out all the time, and tried to “bulk up”. I can’t. It’s the genes. So, what can you do? Try to eat healthy, and feel good.

    So, I say, whatever package the universe has decided that you should drive your spirit around it, love it, big, small, tall, thin, whatever.

    Big is beautiful, love yourself!!!
    Keep writing – I’ll keep reading.

  3. Hi! Great Blog! I think it’s great that people are starting to see that “plus size” isn’t a different category of people… just a bunch of us who wears a different size clothing!

    It took me a long time to come to terms with my size as well, and not that I’m loving who I am… I actually enjoy my own company!

    There are a few other blogs you guys might like to check out, they are both written by plus size women (they are fashion blogs though)



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  5. I just wanted to say that I love the title of your blog, not to mention the whole idea behind it. Good on you for being happy with yourselves the way you are and good luck to you!

  6. Also, for some reason I now have The Beatles ‘All My Lovin'” with “lovin” replaced with “jiggly bits” stuck in my head.

  7. SO going on my feed reader! Love the witty title, and what you stand for. As a larger-than-the-average-stick-figure-asian-american, I spend a lot of time traveling with my team of caucasian and african american friends in the asia pacific. And they keep asking us why we look nothing like the Americans they see on TV. One more question like that and I think all MY jiggly bits are going to ‘splode!

    I’m glad to find people that are not obsessed with appearance but are making real efforts towards being healthy.

    Keep up the awesomnessity!

    -The Demigod

  8. I’m too skinny to read this blog!

    Just to make sure this gets thoroughly debunked:

    Everyone, no matter their shape or size, is welcome here. All we ask is that you bring an open mind, and be respectful of the contributers and commenters.

  9. Just wanted to say that I love love love your blog. Fabulous to see there are plus size women out there, like me, who say what they want to say & dont worry about the critics. Keep up the awesome work!!

  10. Here is a comment I tried to leave on Chrissy’s video message “More than Just Fat”, but it would not let me.
    So this is directed to her:

    Wow! Beautiful, rich, deep, moving, loving, admirable!
    There are not enough encouraging and positive words to say how I feel about Chrissy and her powerful message.
    Thank you for sharing yourself with the world in such an open and honest manner.
    Thank you for putting yourself out there and being a role model for us all.
    I applaud you! ((((((((((((((((((Clap,Clap, Clap))))))))))))))))))

  11. Hi, I am a doctoral student at Purdue University doing a size-acceptance study. I would like to e-mail you more information. If you are interested, please e-mail me. Thank you.

  12. Wow! Beautiful, rich, deep, moving, loving, admirable!There are not enough encouraging and positive words to say how I feel about Chrissy and her powerful message.Thank you for sharing yourself with the world in such an open and honest manner.Thank you for putting yourself out there and being a role model for us all.I applaud you! ((((((((((((((((((Clap,Clap, Clap))))))))))))))))))Abigail

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