Fat Documentary

I wanted to have a permalink page for my Fat Documentary. I’m a student filmmaker and for one of my recent projects in my documentary class we were required to do a personal essay film. Mine is all about my fat, and the struggle I’ve had with it.

So, without further ado, here it is!


13 thoughts on “Fat Documentary

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  2. Amazing work Chrissy – you move me… great filmmaking, great emotion, great use of effects (really the reverse and negative and slim were spectacular – and it’s hard to use effects well). Your words are strong and powerful and real. Spectacular 🙂 I’m waiting to see more…

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  5. GAAHH!!

    I think I need a hearing aid or transcripts, I can barely hear anything, even when I crank it and I know it has to be good b/c you are a great blogger!!

    Your voice, I can hear (and it’s beautiful!) I just can’t really hear the interviewees..

  6. Ok, I just realized the interview part isn’t as important as the things you were saying, very moving and powerful, keep up the great work, girl!!

  7. I will echo the thoughts in the rest of the comments. Thank you for showing us something so personal. It takes a lot of strength to put ones self out there like that. I’m still hiding behind a nom de plume out of fear. Great work! Love the visuals. Very powerful!

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