Big Sales!

I opened my inbox this morning to see two emails from Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug advertising some big sales they have going on! Lane Bryant’s Right Fit Jeans (which I mentioned as my savior last week) are on sale for $24.99, and they are having their big summer sale! Fashion Bug has 30% off everything online. Need to stock up? Now’s the time to do it!

Anybody know of any other big Plus Size Fashion sales? My clothes shopping has always been limited to a few stores, so I’d love the chance to try somewhere new. Let me know in the Comments!

(And sorry things have been light on the blog. I’m currently moving out of my summer sublet, and real life has been getting in the way.)

What’s the Skinny on Skinny Jeans?

I’m a girl who loves fashion. I like (some) fashion shows (ahem…Project Runway). I love to shop. I sometimes spend hours just browsing my favorite stores online. But there’s one trend I’ve been hesitant to jump on: the Skinny Jean.

Now, I have to admit…I like how they look on many women. My friends wear skinny jeans, my cousins wear skinny jeans, I think my mom might even have a pair. But I’ve proceeded with caution, unsure whether the skinny jean would look good on a not-so-skinny me.

I’m definitely an apple shape. I got the goods in the stomach area, with thinner arms and legs. It’s a body shape that is both easy and difficult to dress. You can pull off the empire waist with grace. Flared jeans are always in style. Knee-length dresses and skirts look fantastic. But with pants, huge problems arise. For me, I have issues fitting my waist while still fitting my but/hips. I want the leg of my pants to fit tightly in the thighs, and then do its business on the bottom. Often, I get wattle butt —  my pants have a handful of material that just hangs down from my butt all the way to my knees, like that flap of skin under a turkey’s beak. Apparently, manufacturers think I should have a bigger butt to even out my waist size (jeeze).

So pants have always been a problem. It wasn’t until I found Lane Bryant’s Right Fit jeans that I found a pair of jeans that really fit my body. (Yellow FTW!) My butt looks fantastic in those jeans. They fit my thighs and feel almost like a second, wonderfully denim, skin. I wear them all the time and love how I feel and look in them.

But now, looking at, and even trying on skinny jeans, I’m reliving all my pants problems over again.

The other day I stopped by the Macy’s to look through their clearance section. Surprisingly, their 60% off rack had a selection of designer skinny jeans in plus sizes. I decided to give it a go and try them on.

I tried three different brands in sizes 18-22. I’m normally a 22, but the 22s felt too big and gave me wattle butt. The 18s fit perfectly in the leg, but not the waist. The 20s were only available in a style that was cropped (ugh).

But worst of all, every single pair I tried on made my body look wider. It was like taking my apple torso and putting it on chopsticks. Skinny jeans mess with my proportions. I look wider, weirder, and felt uncomfortable. Needless to say, I didn’t purchase any skinny jeans.

But, I still find the style appealing. I’ve seen fat women wear them, and I think they look great on them. So is a skinny jean still out there for me? Dare I continue to look? Or should I abandon the cause and stick to my Right Fit flares?

Weigh in, and give me the skinny!

The Re-boob-olution: Fatshion and Feeling Good

I’m not sure I’ve ever written about how I discovered the FA movement. I’ve come to call it (mostly in my head) the Re-boob-olution. Just after I’d returned from Ecuador, I went to visit my college, and all my friends, who were still in classes for winter quarter. I stayed with my friend, E., who has been a very influential woman in my life. We’re both fat, and throughout our friendship, E. has taught me a lot about confidence, believing in oneself, and living life large. She may not have known it, but I always saw her as an extremely self-confident, beautiful woman. I wanted to be like her because of that confidence, but I never quite got there.

If you were to ask her, she’d say that she’s never been very confident. In fact, she’s always considered herself as having low self confidence, and low self-esteem. Anyway, that weekend that I stayed with her, she and I took a trip to Lane Bryant. I hadn’t been to Lane Bryant since I was in high school, mostly because I had a bit of a hatred of “those stores” (i.e. Plus Size stores) because they sold “old lady clothes” (i.e. Fatshion). But E. loved Lane Bryant. She swore by their jeans. Plus, neither one of us had ever been shopping with another plus size woman before. We’d gone in groups with our thinner friends, but never just us together. It was a thrilling prospect.

First thing we did as soon as we walked through the door was find about FIFTY THOUSAND things we wanted to buy. It happened to be a sale day (the only way we could buy anything), and we just pounced. It was really busy, so we ended up having to wait for a dressing room. We were chatting amicably, standing by the underwear, when I remembered that E. had told me she wanted to do a bra fitting. I found someone to measure us and get us going, and thus the Re-boob-olution began.

As soon as we had those bras on, and had seen the difference they made in our bodies’ shape, we were hooked. It turns out my bra was only slightly wrong in size. E., however, was one of the 80% of women wearing the wrong size bra, and her size was greatly different than what she thought it had been. While trying on our clothes and bras, we almost died of excitement. The right bra made everything look beautiful. It made my boobs fill out the clothes I never had been able to fill out before. It made me feel like my proportions were better, it made me feel more confident.

I spent a fortune at LB that day, and so did E., but it was ALL worth it. My LB jeans made my butt look fantastic. My bras made my boobs look fantastic, and in comparison to all that flabulousness, the parts of myself I hated (arms, stomach, etc.) didn’t seem ugly. The difference wasn’t just the clothes, it was the confidence the clothes inspired.

We went back to E.’s apartment and showed off for all our friends. That same day we watched Joy Nash’s Fat Rant, and the rest was history. Now, I’m not saying that the clothes changed my life. I’m not even going to give the credit to Joy and her incredible film. What changed me was the positivity surrounding that whole experience. Suddenly, my body felt beautiful to me. The clothes fit, the bras fit, the jeans fit, my friends thought I was beautiful, and I began to believe it too. It was the positivity focused on my body, coming from myself and others. It was the beauty I could finally see in my curves. It was the happiness I felt, the success, and it was the acceptance of myself.

Now, when I need a pick me up, I put on my prettiest bra, and my beautiful jeans, and think back to that incredible day. I’m working, this summer, in The Avenue, a plus size store, and I only hope that I can make someone else feel as positive about their body as I do about mine. I try to look nice at work, I smile at everyone, I compliment people’s choices (genuinely), and I tell the truth about what looks good on everyone. A positive shopping experience can boost someone’s day. And believe me, I know how much.

So now I want to open this thread: tell me about your Fatshion positivity, your re-boob-olution, or anything that just makes you feel good about yourself! Ready, GO!